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Danijela married on Saturday: While she was opening envelopes, a complete shock stuck her in 15 of them

We have heard that some had much worse time. It is impossible to find out who did it

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Empty envelopes on weddings or some other occasions are quite often for citizens in Serbia in the past few years. Danijela Nikolic (30) from Nis told us that this has happened to her on her own wedding. 


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Newlyweds and their parents after the wedding, instead of a money they counted empty envelopes or those with ordinary piece of newspaper or just a greeting card.


- There was no signature on them, they were completely empty. That is really not ok. I understand that someone doesn't have money, but his is just insolence. We have heard that some had much worse time. It is impossible to find out who did it. There is usually a lot of crowd, the envelope is put in the box as a gift to the newlyweds, so it is really hard to determine. No one forces anyone to give gifts, but these empty envelopes are just humiliating - said Danijela.


Foto: pixabay.com

Foto: pixabay.com


It is an unwritten rule that family and friends should give newlyweds per "chair" that was payed for them, around 25-150 euros


Marriage couple Nikolic, out of 150 envelopes where they should find money from relatives and friends invited on the wedding, they found 15 empty, and in one there was paper carefully cut in the sizes of a note, to look as if it wasn't a scam.


- There are exceptions of course. With difficult material situation, our people are trying to honor the customs, and they are ready to go into debt - adds Danijela.


Foto: Profimedia

Foto: Profimedia


It is difficult, but it would be more fair to refuse the invitation, say they are sorry and simply say: "I don't have the money".


Those who know you would certainly take it a good way. This way, with empty envelopes, everything has a sign of rudeness and dishonesty.


- It is important to us that we had a good time, and these empty envelopes are going to their honor - concluded Danijela.


The problem with empty envelopes was a lesson for someone. Next to the gift box, they place a duty party, usually a smaller girl, who asks for only one things from those who give envelops - to write their name on it.


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