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27 bloody hours of terrible whim of Croatian teenager: He murdered his parents, fled the police, drove in opposite direction and admitted why he did it (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Real movie chase for teenager who murdered his parents in cold blood

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Tin Senjerga, 18 year old young man from Croatia who murdered his father Marin, 45 year old Special force officer of Split anti-terrorist unit, was arrested around 19 h in Tribunj by his father's colleagues, after a movie chase where few police cars were damaged. 
He fired six shots at his father and killed him, mother's body found in the car: Young man (18) from the Croatia suspected of murdering his parents arrested (VIDEO)

They had to shoot 
Sunjerga was running away, and drove in opposite direction with Mercedes E class few times, even turned using hand brake, it all shows how dramatic the finish of police action was. When he was spotted around 19 h in Svetojurjeva street in Tribunj, he went with Mercedes on one of tactical teams of special forces. To avoid the hit, and prevent the crash, special forces disabled the vehicles with shots in tires and engine block, writes "Jutarnji list".
The rest was just like a movie: Special police officer broke the driver's window, unblocked the door that was locked and took Tin out of the vehicle. They searched him and cuffed him, and tactical team spotted the weapon murderer didn't have the time to use. They took him to police station and let the criminal police take over the rest of the work.

"They f... me"
As "Jutarnji list" found out, Tin Sunjerga said after the arrest about the murder of his parents: "They f... me. Mother wanted me to live under a glass bell". In one moment, as they say, he even cried.
But, according to everything, Tin Sunjerga planned the crime, he committed with his father's gun which was in the base of his unit.
According to the current information, in the olive groove on Saturday around 16:00, 2 km from Ciste Velike, not far away from the highway, with a shot in the back of the head, he killed his mother in Citroen Saxo car. She was sitting in a car, he behind her, and his friend was in the car. After killing his mother in cold blood, he left her body in the car, and left on foot towards family home in Cista Velika. His friend that was with him and his mother in the car went away and said nothing about the crime.
It was around 18:00 hours when he was close to home and with a shot to the forehead he killed his father in a garage. The shot could be heard but no one thought that 18 year old has killed his father at that moment. After covering his father's body, Tin Sunjerga took out "Mercedes" E class out of the garage. He spent the evening and night in Gacelezi on the party where drugs and alcohol were consummated."I did some sh*t..., i killed my parents", he allegedly said to two friends. After partying the entire night, Tin Sunjerga headed to Zagreb on Sunday morning. While driving to Zagreb, his father didn't show up at 8 am in the base of special forces in Split. At that moment it was unknown that Marin Sunjerga was dead. Somewhere between 9 and 10, Tin Sunjerga stopped at the gas station in Stankovci.

He poured 60 liters of fuel. He ran away without paying and the worker immediately called the police. Mercedes continued on old road to Zagreb, he stopped on another gas station on Old Karlovac road, got some fuel and ran away. He drove to Zagreb, roamed for half an hour, and decided to return back the same way.
In the meantime, somewhere around noon, special police from Lucko was alarmed. Chasing down the highway with sirens, special forces headed towards Vodice, and few tactical teams of Split special forces went to the field. Helicopter was started with the aim to locate Saxo of Silvana Sunjerga, the wife of their colleague. Somewhere around 16:00 in olive groove, three km south west from Ciste Velike towards Stankovic, the vehicle was spotted. Helicopter landed on safe distance, and tactical team carefully approached the vehicle. When they determined that no one was there, they called the police to secure the perimeter.
Helicopter continued towards Sibenik, according to the plan of the chase, regular and riot police were just supposed to follow the movement of fugitive, and special police was in charge of arrest. Special police had close encounters with fugitive on several occasions, while he was driving in opposite direction. Anti-terrorist teams of special forces blocked all exists where fugitive could be expected. Finally, around 19:00 he was located in Svetojurjeva street in Trubunj. He rushed to the special team with his vehicle, but the dramatic chase was soon finished. Even though he killed his father, their colleague, even though they were under adrenaline and emotions, Split special forces got Tin Sunjerga without a scratch out of the vehicle and took him to police station.
Foto: Facebook/Tin Sunjerga

Foto: Facebook/Tin Sunjerga

Inspection of the olive grove
He already started speaking in police station what were the reasons he murdered his parents. Allegedly the cause for everything was the pressure of parents to stay away from bad company, from alcohol and drugs and to go to commune for rehabilitation. Friends of Sunjerga family said that that Tin was a model pupil when he finished elementary school and that the problems started in high school. Silvana left her job to take spend more time with him and to take care of him. Besides the olive groove, Sunjerga family had a paintball field, and Marin's father loved martial arts when hie was a child and he trained them. Marin Sunjerga, member of Split special forces, didn't want to trouble his colleagues with his family problems.
They say he was a role model special force officer, who joined Special guard when he was 17, and special police later on. When special unit of police force was shut down in 2001 in Sibenik, he remained in special police even though he had to travel to Split to work. He was an expert on martial arts, and given the excellent knowledge of the German language, he participated as an interpreter during official visits and cooperation with German special colleagues.
Criminal research was conducted over Tin Sunjerga during the day yesterday, and the police conducted inspection in olive groove where Silvana Sunjerga body was found. Around 19:00 h Tin Sunjerga was arrested with charges to the prison warden in Sibenik station. Special police reported the use of weapons to the head director of police.
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