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Storm wind carried roofs, stopped trains, ripped trees out of its roots and smashed cars: Serbia has been devastated! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Great storm has struck Serbia yesterday, and these are the ruins it left behind

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Strong wind with rain stormed last night through Sumadina, and it was felt the most in Kragujevac, Batocina, and Lapovo. There were few thunder strikes there, roofs were blown away from residential objects, and there were many torn trees. Municipality Batocina felt the strongest hit. Headquarters for emergency situations had a meeting last night at 9:30 pm.

He cruised on the rubber flamingo in flooded Zadar after the unprecedented storm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

President of Batocina municipality, Zdravko Mladenovic, said to the Beta agency that storm wind took off the roof on the Elementary school "St Sava" in Batocina, it took off the roof on a substation, on municipal building, and two tin garages were destroyed which held municipal archives.

The wind reached 105.8 km/h in Smederevska Palanka

Smederevska Palanka was one of the cities with the highest wind speed recorded during the storm that engulphed Serbia. Wind speed was measured 105.8 km/h, which was 29.4 meters per second during the short storm in the evening hours. The amount of rain was 10.7 liters per square meter.

Storm in Novi Pazar: 

According to Mladenovic, a metal lamppost fell down on the vehicle of a public company in Batocina which was on the field to remove fallen trees. "There is damage on the kindergarten in Batocina, and there is a list of residential places which were damaged during the storm, where the wind mostly took off the parts of the roof", said Mladenovic.

He said that headquarters for emergency situation decided last night to clear as soon as possible the roads that lead to surrounding villages, so all the roads were clear this morning.

According to him, water supply in the area of Batocina has been returned to normal. The storm started around 19.30 and it lasted for 40 minutes. Center of Lapovo was without power last night, and it was soon fixed by the electric public company.

Storm in Cacak: 

There have been 28 interventions of firefighters in the Sumadija region due to strong wind yesterday from 14 to 18 PM, and 21 of them occurred in open space, and seven on construction object. There were no injuries and the causes and damage will be determined.

Storm in Krusevac tore down two trees 

Two trees were taken down, the part of the facade went off, while the tin roof was hanging from the buildings in the center of the city, those are today's reports of the Krusevac Communal Police on the consequences of the storm that was around Krusevac last night.

The wind during the storm has torn down the tree in the yard of the elementary school in village Makresane, which was cut and loaded on the truck by public service workers and firefighters. The tree has fallen in the street of Jelena Dimitrijevic, not far from the school "Dositej Obradovic", and it was also removed. According to the data of the police, the part of the facade of the building has fallen and it damaged a vehicle.

Umbrellas were flying, wind ripped the trees

The wind that stormed through Nis surprised the caterers in the center of the city, so the umbrellas of cafes ended up on pedestrian walkways. There was a real collapse in Prokuplje, and the stormy wind broke the trees, and the traffic was almost impossible. The worst is that it came almost suddenly, so the city was full, considering that there was a fair going on.

Sjenica doesn't have drinking water since last night

Residents of Sjenica don't have water since last night because there was a malfunction in the electric pipeline which supplies the water from the spring Zarudine, said on the radio Sto plus. The electric company said that they are on the field and they are working on removing of the malfunction.

Novi Pazar was caught by rain and bad weather as well.


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