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Director of Mining and smelting combine Bor reveals exclusively for Telegraf: Is there gold in Bor mud and how hard it is to steal it? (VIDEO)

In one ton of copper, electrolytic mud, there are only 3 to 5 grams of gold

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The story that you can steal gold in the form of mud, where there are about three to five grams of this metal per tone, is really comical, and tragic, said the director of the Mining and smelting combine Bor, Blagoje Spaskovski

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There are a lot of stories that are connected to Bor, which is named the city of copper, and also the city of gold, and that the gold can be easily taken from the mud. 

The first man of MSC Bor said that there is no truth in this, and explains how it came to this.

- You can't find gold in the streams and rivers. Some concentration was found a hundred years ago, and the story was passed from one generation to another, and its just not true now - said Spaskovski.

Foto: Telegraf

Its finding is not easy, nor the processing. Spaskovski said that it is a very complex process performed in the gold processing plant, from which it's even more difficult to make this wealth.

- Everybody in Serbia thinks that they can enter the plant whenever they want and to take the gold. This area is covered with 32 cameras monitored by security from Belgrade, all day and night, on holidays, winter or summer... You can only enter here if you are allowed. People have weapons and live ammunition, there is no counting to three, they react. You don't enter without announcement and without known people, and everybody who comes in has to pass through Geiger - said the first man of MSC Bor.

The joke that is going around is enough proof how hard it is to take the gold out - the director is ready to treat anyone who manages to take out a 12 kg gold bar.

- The bar has a trapezoidal shape, but it is so smooth that no one ever managed to lift it. Whoever tried has failed. 

The refinement of gold in the plant is done from so-called copper, electrolytic mud. 

It's not true that it is smelted in few locations nearby. Gold cannot be obtained by melting in the imperial water. It is an extremely complex procedure. Without pyrometallurgy, without frying, without a kiln, without chemistry we cannot get pure gold - says Spaskovski and adds that 20 million tons of ore are needed for the ton of gold.

Foto: RTB Bor

According to him, there is no truth behind that "Bor is working and Belgrade is building". He mentions that this gold is going to the National Bank of Serbia, which pays for it at a market price.



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