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Aleksandar made 20.000 euros over the night: He went to sleep like he does every night, and he woke up a king!

Aleksandar wants to make 200.000 euros and to buy apartments all over Serbia so he could rent them

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Aleksandar Tasic (27) from Belgrade was among the first ones who started investing into cryptocurrency. He invested into bitcoin for fun, and the starting amount was so ridiculous that he wasn't even interested how much it's worth, he said.

Serbian genius child: He made 15.000 euros on Bitcoins, and now he is asking advice what to do with the money

From that amount, in a few years, he managed to make over 20.000 euros over the night. 

He found out about the bitcoin on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), communication service.

- I remember that we who had tendencies to highly appreciate the set of liberal principles - freedom, privacy, and approach, we talked about bitcoin and the idea of cryptocurrency itself. I had to try it. The starting amount was so ridiculous that I wasn't even interested how much bitcoin was valued.

- More precisely, we didn't even think about the profit, the idea to pay to anyone, without anyone knowing about it was interesting to us. We exchanged them for days and we tested the system itself, considering that I had over 20 servers, I could play. From all of that playing, I got around 20 left which are very valuable today - said Aleksandar.

Foto: Pixabay.com

This young man is doing jobs that require constant research - web hosting, creating websites, programming, digital marketing, and analysis. 

There is no profit without risk, although I was doing the jobs I do today when the cryptocurrencies appeared, so investment was no problem at all. Digital currencies are the future-now, the only thing I don't like is that they are making up something new every day. Whenever you start trading with them, I don't think that anyone can be late - adds Tasic.

He thinks that there is no right time to sell bought Bitcoins. 

I don't think that there is a right time to buy bitcoin, but I will certainly sell them when a price hits 10.000 euros per piece. 200.000 euros is quite enough for me to buy few apartments all over Serbia and to start a business of "renting apartments".

He is not afraid that everything he earned overnight, can disappear, his virtual "little fortune". And he made 20.000 euros this month when the value of bitcoin jumped for 1.000 euros.

The possibility of all that disappearing is virtually impossible. And then when I sell it, I will go to some other new digital currencies, which will be worth more than gold in a few years - he said.

Foto: Pixabay

Besides Bitcoin, Aleksandar is trading with another currency, Litecoin, he has 1.880 of them... This currency appeared one year after Bitcoin.

- All of the people I talked to about cryptocurrency thought that Litecoin is the real competition to Bitcoin, and it turned out that it is true. I bought 10 graphics cards for under 7.000 euros and I started "mining".

- Taking into consideration that the cards were constantly heating over 80 degrees, after almost a year and over 1.900 coins, I literally "shut down" the project and I sold the graphics cards. I saved one of them. The current price of Litecoin is around 60 euros and I believe that it will reach an incredible price. For example, 2-3 weeks ago I sold 14 for 650 euros. Today, I would sell them for 850 - adds Aleksandar.

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

As he said, to do cryptocurrency, at least today - you need to know how two magical words function, and those are "how to", and the entire internet is yours, at least the part that is visible to you. 

When asked, what do his family thinks about his investment into future, he answers:

- In our country, parents are proud when you don't have to ask anything from them. They know about investments, but they don't know the amount of money we are talking about, they would think that I am in some crime organization.

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