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CSKA fan told us how Red Star fans attacked him in Belgrade while he was with the murdered leader of Partizan fans, and then he gave the lesson to all Serbian Ultras (VIDEO)

- Serbs and Russians, those are one thing, brotherly people. For me, first comes the nation and religion, and then the club. Serbian fan that comes to Russia to the World Championship, even if he likes Red Star or Partizan, it doesn't matter, he will have a place to eat and sleep - said the leader of CSKA fans from the Arena

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A group of fans from Russia was at the game in Arena between Red Star and CSKA Moscow. The supporters of CSKA are thought to be one of the most dangerous Russian fan groups, and they are in brotherhood with the Partizan fans.

Choose Serbia's opponents for the World Championship: Do you want the group of death, with Croatia, or the easiest one?

It was a surprise how did they come to Arena, because they don't watch the basketball club that much, but this was obviously good for them because they love Serbia. Except for the smaller incident at the end of the halftime when there was a small quarrel with the Red Star fans.

We approached the fence where few CSKA flags were displayed, and few Russian fans were waiting for us. Judging by appearance, they had impressive cheering experience on the stands and in the fights.

While we tried to establish contact with some of them, a guy approached who started the cheering a few times among the members of the CSKA. He was obviously the most prominent among them.

- What do you need brother, I speak Serbian, you can ask me? - said the guy with almost fluent Serbian language in the sweatshirt "Stone Island", a popular brand among the Ultras.

Foto: Telegraf

It could be noticed by the accent that he was Russian, and after short convincing, Kostja accepted to speak about the relations between Russia and Serbia, what's the relations with Serbian fans, and he revealed an unpleasant situation he had with Delije (Red Star supporters) 2 or 3 years ago, when he was attacked in Skadarlija while he was sitting with the late leader of Grobari (Partizan supporters), Alen Kostic Kubi.

However, he speaks all the best about Serbia, he said that Serbs and Russia are brothers, that religion and nation come first, and then the club, so he is prepared to host any Serbian fan that comes to the World Championship. Even those who cheer for Red Star, although CSKA fans are brothers with Grobari.

Serbs and Russia, those are brothers. All Serbs and Russians are one family, that is the same. I was 14-15 times to Serbia, in various places. Those are always the best people, the tallest, the most beautiful - said the CSKA fan from Moscow.

What happened during the match, you were putting away the flags, there were some quarrels between you and Red Star fans?

Foto: Telegraf

There was some aggression coming from Red Star fans towards CSKA fans. One of us had Partizan shirt and he was cheering with it, and that is funny for me. We are brothers with Partizan, we love Partizan, and Red Star loves Spartak. We don't like Spartak, we are fighting with them all the time. 

Serbian fans are coming to Russia to the World Championship, how will you greet them?

Foto: Telegraf

- Nation and religion come first, second place is for the club! Serbs can sleep in my house, I will pay for everything, all the Serbs that know me can come to me, those are my brothers. Who loves Red Star, who loves Partizan, it doesn't matter. They will have a place to sleep, to eat, they will have everything! 

When asked what if Croats show up, he had only one short answer.

- Croatia no! Only Serbs, Croats no!

What do you think about Red Star fans?

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

- The people are first, and then the club. It's important that he is a Serb. Red Star fans attacked me once, I have a Serbian souvenir - said Kosta who showed us his index finger which he obviously broke after the fight - and then he remembered the situation two or three years ago.

- I was in the tavern Dva Jelena, Ultras were there. I was there with Alen Kostic at the moment, he is dead now. Then they approached and asked me if I was from CSKA. I am from CSKA, I told them, and then they beat me. I was with my five... - said Kosta with disappointment, and then he gave a lesson for all Serbian Ultras.

- First of all, Serbs and Russians are always brothers, and then goes the club and everything else - concluded Kosta his slogan which he said many times during the interview, and many Serbian fans have to think about it.

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