New trade war: Croatia stopped cookies from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Allegedly, they contain excessive amounts of potentially harmful acrylamide substance

The Croatian sanitary inspectorate banned the import of six biscuits and sweets from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia due to the allegedly excessive amount of potentially harmful substance acrylamide, according to today's Politika.

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According to the portal of the European System for Rapid Food Safety Information (RAS SF), the two biscuit shipments from Bosnia and Herzegovina and two deliveries of crackers and an apricot biscuit from Serbia were stopped, the newspaper said.

Politika newspaper says that the authorities already performed the control of producers after this information, and when the quantity of acrylamide are confirmed, RAS SF and the consumers in Serbia will be informed.

Foto: pixabay.com

In this phase of control, the information about the companies is not published.

The ban on the shipment of biscuits from the region was not published by Croatian food agency, and the Croat media reports that the reason for that is because the product didn't reach the market, reports the newspaper.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Politika)

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