Ambush for Cologne ultras at the airport: Wild hordes arrived in Belgrade! They threatened and they covered their faces, they were escorted by the police to the center of the city! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

We were the only ones with a camera when two planes from Cologne landed at the airport Nikola Tesla. They were full of fans

Cologne's Wild Hordes are in Belgrade! Telegraf's camera was there when the main group of fans arrived at the airport Nikola Tesla, and they weren't in a very friendly mood when they saw us filming them.

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Two planes full of fans took off from Cologne this morning and they landed on Surcin at 10:00 and 10:20. When they gathered, they went out of the airport and few busses were waiting for them, who took them to the center of the city and they were escorted by the police, there were even members of the Special Antiterrorist group (SAJ) in full gear and with riffles.

Foto: Telegraf

Although German fans don't have much of a reputation on ultras scene of Europe, it can be said that the Cologne fans are an exception and that they have a serious reputation, especially their main group Wild Hordes, which had a small conflict with Delije (Red Star supporters) in Germany).

Their behavior at the airport shows that they are not regular fans, who came the day earlier to have a beer in Skadarlija, to walk around Belgrade and to go to the game.

They were mostly dressed in black, they weren't in the mood for talk, and some were even hostile when they saw us filming them, so they kept showing middle fingers at the direction of our camera. They even turned their backs on us.

Foto: Telegraf

Some of them didn't want to be recorded, they were hiding their identity by putting their hands over their faces or they covered themselves with clothes. There were those who showed their scarves, club sweatsuits or similar, so it is possible that the planes were separated, that there were Ultras in one, and the friends of the club and "regular fans" in the other.

Foto: Telegraf

The ultras markings weren't obvious, but they had backpacks on them which probably means flags and symbols. Which only further states that those are fans who were well aware that they came to the enemy territory and one of the most inhospitable fields in Europe.

There weren't any fans of Red Star at the airport, and if they did try to attack the members of Cologne, that probably wouldn't be possible because of a large number of police forces.

Watch how their arrival looked like:

A group of around 5.000 fans of Cologne is expected to gather during the day in some part of Belgrade, to get on a bus and to be transported to Marakana.

Due to safety reasons, the gates of the stadium were opened three hours earlier, and they will be locked half an hour before the start of the match. Cologne fans will remain on Marakana 90 minutes upon the completion of the match, so they safely return from the stadium.

Both teams need a victory for the passage into the next phase of the competition, while Red Star can secure the spring in Europe with a tie unless BATE performs a miracle and wins against Arsenal.

Take a closer look at the main group of Cologne fans:


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