The brave little girl didn't cry, and she was thrown in a trashcan! Confession of the police officers who found a baby in the New Year's night (VIDEO)

"The finding of the girl marked the entire previous year. We will visit her on December 31st, 2018, in the New Year's night, when we found her"

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While he was approaching the garbage container in Sarajevo street Kosevo on the last night of the year, a young police officer Adnan Turcal found a newborn and a deep breath escaped him... The moment when a little face peeked out of the bag, he said for "Avaz", will always stay embedded into his memory, as well as the baby's innocent eyes that looked at him when he took her out of the garbage container. 

A cry of a baby was heard from a garbage container in Sarajevo few hours before the New Year: A newborn was found wrapped in a towel

This police officer feared whether the baby will survive, but luckily, he and the colleague Midhat Hodzic arrived on time. When he took her he saw that she had a little hat and that she was wrapped in a towel. Turcalo said that he can barely talk from the excitement of what he experienced in New Year's night.

He patrolled with his colleague near the stadium "Asim Ferhatovic Hase" on Kosevo. He couldn't have imagined that he will experience something that will mark his career. 

- We received a call that there are strange noises coming from a garbage container in Kosevo street. One man was passing there and he was scared... We were there in 40 seconds. We went through all possible red lights... Luckily we are alive because I was driving too fast. Midhat colleague and me too out our flashlights and we leaned over the container. Trash like all others... We took a closer look, and there was a baby! Living baby, clean, well dressed... The brave baby wasn't crying, and she was thrown into a garbage container! I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't remember thinking at that moment. I just grabbed her to take her out of the trash - Turcalo said.

Everything was swarming with police ten seconds later, Turcalo said. Twenty police officers joined them. Their colleague Midhat is rushing to get into the warm vehicle to heat up the cold baby.

- The heating is on in the car. I am holding her in my lap... She is not crying, she is not doing anything... I hugged her with my hands, I took the blanket and I wrapped it around her to warm her up. We called an ambulance and they left the baby immediately at a pediatric clinic. Colleague Turcalo went after them, and I remained to perform the investigation with others - the policeman Midhat Hodzic said.

The doctors say that it was a gorgeous, healthy girl just a few days old, and most surely born in one of the Sarajevo hospitals.

Foto-ilustracija: Wikimedia/Zxb/Gallery,

- She was well dressed. But, she was still not crying. However, when the doctor took her clothes off and washed her, she started crying. I think she has around three kilos. I felt such a relief. I never experienced anything like it. Who knew that 2017 will end like this, to find a living baby in a garbage container. The finding of the girl marked the entire previous year. We will visit her on December 31st, 2018, in the New Year's night, when we found her - Turcalo finishes his story.

Mirsada Poturkovic, an associate with the information and communications of the Center for Social Welfare of Sarajevo Canton, says that it will be determined where the baby will be placed after medical treatment and assessment.


Sarajevo Inspectors arrested B.DZ., the 39-year-old mother who threw her newborn into the garbage container in Kosevo street in New year's night.

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