Haradinaj provokes: Show willingness, finish the job and recognize Kosovo

Nobody can stop us on this path - Haradinaj said

Prime minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj stated that it is becoming increasingly difficult for official Belgrade to postpone recognition of Kosovo and that Kosovo is prepared for final peace.

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- Serbia doesn't have all the time of the world to finally decide for that step and to recognize the reality that Kosovo is independent European state, facing the European Union and NATO. Nobody can stop us on this path - Haradinaj said for "Dnevni avaz".

Speaking about the Brussels dialogue, Haradinaj said that Serbia should show the willingness to finish the job and to recognize Kosovo.

- Postponing is not good and it affects our inner state, which depends on this dialogue with Belgrade, in a way. That is why it is important for Brussels to be actively involved in the negotiation - Haradinaj said.

Asked if he had any idea how long the "final talks" would take, especially in the context of the two irreconcilable opinions, he said that it was a matter of Serbia's goodwill to overcome this.

- After all, no definitive "yes" or "no" does change our reality. They should know that. We are certainly moving forward because that new reality must be respected - Haradinaj said.

Asked whether Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was a representative of this new reality, which at some point in time would lead to Serbia's recognition of Kosovo, Haradinaj said that it was premature to talk about it in this way, but also that he did not want to talk in behalf of Vucic.

- There are limits and the fact is that Kosovo exists, that Kosovo will continue to exist, so it is the matter of goodwill, I will say of both sides, to reach out for that solution, keeping the dialogue alive, without the delays that waste time - Haradinaj said.


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