The Albanians have 120 hours to complete the request: What will happen on Saturday?

The deadline was set by the European Union

The clock is inevitably ticking. A deadline issued by the European Union to temporary institutions in Pristina will expire on Saturday, August 4th. They will have to draw up a Statute for the Community of Serb Municipalities, whose creation is one of the key conditions of Belgrade for further normalization of relations with Pristina.

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Five days ago, the EU said they expected "all agreements" to be reached within the framework of the dialogue on normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina "without delay".

- This applies in particular to the agreements on the Community / Association of Serb Municipalities and Energy, - the spokeswoman for the EU diplomacy Maja Kocijancic said.

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When asked by Tanjug, whether the EU, as a mediator in the talks between Belgrade and Pristina, has information what is the status of the draft of the Community of Serb Municipalities, which was supposed to be completed by August 4th, Kocijancic said that "the work is in progress and that it takes time".

- The EU is in close contact on both sides in terms of all necessary steps for the implementation of these, but also all other agreements reached in the dialogue - emphasized Kocijancic.

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The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic stated that nothing is happening regarding the drafting of the Statute of the Community of Serb Municipalities, although the deadline for Pristina expires at the beginning of August.

- Nothing is happening, and the deadline expires on August 4th. Remember what I said four months ago - I told them that nothing is going to happen. They have only one goal, and that is how to take over the north of Kosovo. They don't care about the CSM - Vucic said during the recent tour of the works on Belgrade bypass.

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Vucic said that the CSM cannot be "the final solution", but that it was an obligation from the Brussels agreement of April 2013.

It is evident that Pristina wants to "trade" with CSM in the phase when it is expected to reach the final solution for Kosovo and Metohija, said Milovan Drecun for Telegraf.rs, the chairman of the assembly committee.

- They would use it as something to give to Serbia and to get recognition in return. Clear messages arrived from Serbia that it is a funny and unacceptable political game - Drecun noted.

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According to him, such behavior in Prishtina is convincing evidence that they do not want to form a CSM and that they will avoid it at all costs.

- They think that attention will be focused on reaching the final agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the normalization of relations. Therefore, we will not have any progress on August 4, unless there is a turning point for the strong pressure from Brussels and Washington. But that won't happen, so the entire story is prolonged - the chairman of the assembly committee for Kosovo and Metohija concluded.

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