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A debate was scheduled for the assets of the Yugoslav People's Army, worth 70 billion dollars: Croats want 500 tanks and helicopters back from Serbia


Zagreb asks 10 billion dollars from Belgrade

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A meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Implementation of Annex A of the Succession Agreement will be held in Belgrade on September 13th and it is expected that data will be presented what is qualified under military assets, what is the value and who asks for what, according to today's "Vecernje Novosti".

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This will be the first meeting on the topic of Annex A since the beginning of the division, and the biggest demands will be presented by Serbia and Croatia, the paper said.

As the Croatian experts calculated at the Ministry of Defense, the value of the property of the former Yugoslav People's Army amounts to 70 billion dollars, of which Zagreb will ask for 10 billion - eight from Serbia and two from Montenegro.

Among other things, they ask for tanks, artillery, submarines, ships...

Foto: Wikimedia/JO2 Pete Hatzakos

The archives of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia will show how accurate their estimate was, as the representatives of the former republic from Belgrade expect, the documentation of the former federal secretariat for national defense, stored in Serbia, should be opened for this occasion.

Since February, when the first meeting was announced in Belgrade, requests have arrived from Zagreb for 500 tanks, helicopters, suits..., and they ask from Montenegro to return of School ship "Jadran" and "Mig-21" of Rudolf Peresin, the paper adds.

According to the claims of Sava Strbac from "Veritas", in Croatia only, Serbs - civilians, military personnel and police, left behind between 40.000 and 50.000 apartments, and a large part of it belonged to the army, and until now, 2.000 requests from the housing program have been positively solved.

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