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Former prime minister of Croatia spoke about her sad first day of school: "They mocked me because I don't have a father and they beat me up" (PHOTO)


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Croatia's former Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor recalled her first day of school on Twitter on Monday, and her story has made many people sad who follow her on that social network.

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- My first day at school was sad. Children mocked me because I was the only one in class that didn't have a father. Then they started beating me. And they were beating me until I started hitting back. It ended up when I hit the toughest boy with a cup for water. We cried and we became friends - Kosor wrote.


- The times changed, that is true. But the children, unfortunately, still recognize differences. And they are often cruel - she adds in the comments.

Jadranka published a photo from her childhood in July 2016 on Twitter, from a swimming pool in Lipik.


- This is how we used to spend summers in Lipik, at a swimming pool. Little girl with a ribbon is me, the little one. The black-haired woman behind me is my mother. And my friends. And palm trees - she wrote.

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