Serb girls from Kosovo came to Belgrade to buy a wedding dress: When they got back to the car on a parking lot, they were petrified (PHOTO)

After everything they had experienced in Belgrade, they say they feel safe in Kosovska Mitrovica

We are unfortunately used to the fact that Serbs don't feel safe in Kosovo and Metohija, but no one expected that they will feel the same while visiting Belgrade.

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Namely, a Serb from Kosovska Mitrovica, Milica B, went to Belgrade with her car, "Mercedes A 180", so that her friend could buy a wedding dress. They slept at their friend's house who now lives in Belgrade suburb Mirijevo, and the car was parked near the building, in the street of Matica Srpska. When she came to get the car in the morning, she found an incredible sight.

All of the four tires were slashed, and she was said during the repair that each tire was stabbed at least twice, probably with a screwdriver. Front left part of the car was dented, the windscreen was broken, including the mirror on the driver's side.

Foto: kmnovine.com

Milica is convinced that the cause for this barbaric act is her license plates with the markings "KM". 

Foto: kmnovine.com

Police came to the scene of the crime and they performed a record of it.

- When I saw it, I was petrified. I was never so afraid in Kosovo as I was this morning in Belgrade. I wonder, what would have happened if the attackers caught me while I was going out of the car? It is probably a bit of paranoia now, but I feel safer in Kosovoska Mitrovica than I feel safe in Belgrade - Mila said.

Foto: kmnovine.com

While she was waiting for repairs to be completed, she invited all "nice people of Belgrade" on Twitter to drop by and to have a coffee with her and her friend. There were some who responded. And everybody who found out about this over Twitter was in shock and they condemned the attack.

However, the repair of the car was completed in one day, but it wasn't at all cheap. The expenses, in the end, were 126.000 dinars (1060 euros).

(Telegraf.co.uk / KM Novine)

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