Thaci: We have violated our relationship with the US due to small, harmful Serbia

Good relations with the United States are the main criterion of Thaci

The president of the provisional Kosovo institutions, Hashim Thaci, said that he never thought that Pristina could come into the position that its relationship with the United States was questioned.

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He told Radio Television of Albania that he doesn't believe that there is any leader on Kosovo which feels good because we damaged Serbia for several million euros, and Pristina was "slapped" because of that, reported by Pristina Lajmi.

Thaci added that Pristina should not be a party blocking the dialogue.

- I believe that in the days and weeks to come we will find a creative solution. No damage to Serbia justifies the damage inflicted to the relations (of Pristina) with the USA - said Thaci.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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