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Another terrible car crash claimed a life, the body of Nikolina (38) was barely found: Her father, famous sculptor, is silent with pain

Nikolina fell out of the car when the car crashed

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Nikolina Banjeglav (38) from Novi Karlovci, died in a terrible traffic accident that happened on Sunday after 21:00, on the road of Northeast work zone in Indjija. She fell out of the car "Mercedes", driven by her boyfriend Nedeljko V. According to the first findings of the investigation, it was determined that the vehicle flew off the road due to the unadjusted speed and it ended up in the nearby field.

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Unfortunately, Nikolina couldn't be saved, while Nedeljko was transported to the Clinical Center of Vojvodina with life-threatening injuries.

The terrible news echoed early in the morning in Novi Karlovci near Indjija. The locals only had the words of praise to the family Banjeglav. Predrag, the father of the late girl, is a well-known writer and a sculptor, and he was silent with pain.

- Nina's father and her older sister Sanja went to take the coffin and to do all the necessary preparations around the funeral. Mother Svetlana is in great shock after the tragedy that happened and she is not capable of speaking, just like her middle sister Ivana. This is a great loss for the family, but for me as well. I no longer have the kind, dear, irreplaceable friend - said Jelena Opacic, the best friend and godmother of the late girl.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Sciencephoto RM

Nikolina, who was working in "Fast Food" in Indjija as a doorman, was working on Sunday. Her shift ended around 18, but she doesn't know what happened next. The locals who found her at the accident said that it was a terrible sight.

She fell out of the car, she was flying around 15 meters. They tried to find her with a flashlight. They managed to identify her one hour after midnight when they informed the family - said one young man from Novi Karlovci who was there at the time.

The funeral on Wednesday 

The body of Nikolina is on the Institute for Court Medicine in Novi Sad, and the family will take it today. As there was information today, the girl will be laid to eternal rest on Wednesday.

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