The EU has spoken about the Pristina platform

Maja Kocijancic presented the position

The European Union "does not comment on the positions of certain parties" in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and demands that authorities in Pristina abolish taxes of 100% on goods from Serbia.

US message to Pristina sent from Zagreb: Suspend these taxes

- With the abolition of the tax, negotiations in the dialogue would lead to a comprehensive legally binding solution to the relations between Serbia and Kosovo - spokeswoman in the European Commission Maja Kocijancic told in Brussels.

It was her only comment when asked by the journalist if the EU considers the platform adopted by Pristina to be a blow and the abortion of dialogue, which stated that the negotiations must lead to mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia, the abolition of UNSC Resolution 1244, as and that the Community of Serb Municipalities can not have executive powers.

Printksin: Tanjug

- As an intermediary, the European Union does not comment on the positions of certain parties in the dialogue, and only negotiations can bring an agreement that is of interest to the citizens of Kosovo, Serbia, and the region - said Kocijancic.

She added that "the decision of the Kosovo government to impose taxes on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in November last year was not helpful for creating the necessary conditions for dialogue, and therefore we reiterate the request of the EU, as well as the United States and other partners that support dialogue, to abolish these taxes immediately".

EU High Representative Spokesperson Federica Mogherini also underlined that the Belgrade-Pristina agreement must be in line with international law and be supported by the EU and all EU Member States.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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