A man snorted cocaine in the waiting room in the Community Health Center, he was arrested

Health Center The incident occurred on Tuesday, at the very beginning of the second shift

Djordje G. (41), who was filmed in the waiting room of the Vracar Health Center on Tuesday while snorting unknown substance, was arrested today. 

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The video shows a middle-aged man consuming narcotics, according to the author of the video, in the waiting room of Vracar Health Center, and it became viral and shocked the public.

- On Tuesday, at the very beginning of the second shift, someone reported to the nurse that a man is acting strangely, after that we called the police from the nearby station. They came really quickly, they needed just a few minutes, but the man has already gone - said Miroslav Dmitrovic, the head of the Health Center.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Pink)

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