"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

That night when they got into a fight because Goran saw him drinking champagne and texting with girls - the mother of suspected Abdolov said

Dragica Abdulov, the mother of the transvestite Goran (34), who massacred his lover Marko Radovic (24) on Sunday in Zemun, claims that his son killed the student from Sehovic out of despair, because Marko "harassed him, cheated on him and used to beat him up". 

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- That night when they got into a fight because Goran saw him drinking champagne and texting with girls... And he loved him very much, he called him "my love Marko" - the mother of suspected Abdolov said.

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Dragica said that Goran was on hormone therapy and that he will soon change his sex. He was in love relationship with Marko for two years.

- They've met each other over an ad... Goran posted his photos dressed as a female and he posed as Jovana Trans - Dragica said.

She adds that the two met in her home on Zeleznik during the first year, and they started meeting in the apartment which Marko rented in Sevina street in Zemun.

- Goran loved him very much and they were a nice couple, but then Marko started drinking last year and he became violent. He was harassing and beating my son... Goran even gave him money as far as I know. Marko owed him 700-800 euros. That boy didn't want to be in a relationship with Goran anymore, which greatly shook up my son. He suffered... Marko probably found another girlfriend... He started avoiding Goran, and he recently forbade him from coming to Zemun to him - Dragica claims.

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Goran was, as she said, desperate and he said that he will kill himself because of the unreturned love.

- He told me: "Mom, I can't live without him. I will kill myself!" I tried calming him down. He was supposed to go to the doctor on July 12th, on Thursday, to schedule the surgery and to become a real woman, just the way he felt he was. I begged him to calm down, but Goran decided to go to Zemun on Sunday to Marko... I felt some evil... He always dressed as a female when he was going to him, but that night he was dressed as a man - Goran's mother remembers.

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A bit later, her son called her from the bus, he said that he will talk with Marko a bit and he will return soon.

- He called her on the phone again later on and the first thing he said: "Mom, I stabbed him! I told him to return home right away. That is when he told me that he was standing in front of Marko's window and that he saw him drinking champagne in his apartment, that he was sitting and chatting with someone on the computer. Goran knocked on his door and Marko opened, he immediately attacked him. He said that Marko hit and kicked him. His mind became dark and he stabbed him with a knife. He literally told me: "Mom, I am stabbing him and he is hitting me!" - Dragica said.

Goran, according to her, returned home in a bloody sweat suit and shoes.

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- He didn't know at the time that Marko has bled to death. He was even more depressed... I've tried calming him down, he begged me to let him sleep. I walked out of his room, but I couldn't settle with it. When I walked into the room again I saw that he has stuffed a rag into his mouth and that he put a bag over his head, he wanted to suffocate. I ripped the bag off of his head, I begged him to calm down. He then lit a cigarette, took "bensedin" and he soon fell asleep - Dragica said.

Goran found out that he murdered his lover in the following day, she said.

- He read that news on the telephone, he was shocked... Then police officers stormed into the apartment at 10 AM and they arrested him. Goran was crying, he begged them: "Don't hit me, I didn't want to stab him..." - Dragica said.

Goran admitted that he killed Marko in the police station because he left him and because he decided to find "a real girlfriend".

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