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American woman raged in Zagreb: She attacked the policeman with a knife, and she terrorized the students and professors on Faculty of Philology

The accused is in custody due to the danger that she will repeat the act because of severe mental disorders

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The Osijek County Prosecutor's Office issued an indictment against 41-year-old US citizen Vanessa Raney, charging her that on June 15 she tried to kill a policeman with a knife after she was found in an unstable condition and without personal documents in the Baranja town of Bilje.

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The policemen placed Raney into the police vehicle at the back seat to determine her identity, but according to the suspicions of the prosecutors, she has stabbed a 45-year-old police officer who was sitting in the passenger seat.  She is charged that she has stabbed the officer multiple times in the head, neck and right hand.

The prosecution states that the indicted person didn't perform her intention because the attacked officer was defended by the second officer who took the knife out of her hands.

The accused is in custody due to the danger that she will repeat the act because of severe mental disorders.

Foto: Facebook/Vanessa Raney

Raney got into Zagreb's Faculty of Philology in 2015. Charges were filed against her for "terrorizing" few students and professor on the faculty, and that is why the dean has forbidden her from entering the University.

She was allegedly illegally in Croatia, and media emphasized that she is dangerous to the public order.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernji.hr)

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