MORE THAN 70% of Croats live with mom and dad! What do you think how many Serbs live on their parents back?

Only Macedonia is worse than Croatia with 72.5%. Right behind Croatia are Slovaks with 69.6 young, and Italians have high 67.3%

Croats are European record holders for young people between 18 and 34 who still live with their parents, showed the latest research of Eurostat. 70.3 per cent of people that age still live with parents, which is significantly above the European Union which has 47.9 %. Following are Slovaks and Serbs, writes jutarnji.hr. The people living on their own the most are Danish, with only 19.7 percent still living with their parents. 


Only Macedonia is worse than Croatia with 72.5%. Right behind Croatia are Slovaks with 69.6 young, Serbs with 69.5 and Italians have high 67.3%. The number of those who live with their parents in Portugal is 62.9, Slovenia 60.8% and Poland 60.9%

Among the country with the youth that lives on its own are Great Britain with 34.3% and Germans 43.1%.

Foto: Profimedia, Corbis

Foto: Profimedia, Corbis

Most of the countries delivered the data for 2015 and for Croatia, the most recent ones are from 2014, which still show the slow decline from 2013 which was 71.3% and from 2012 which was 72.2%.

On south east of Europe and Mediterraneans, children are far more tied to the parents than in cold, but developed Scandinavia, and that is the reason young people still live with their parents, after they finished schooling, but on the independence of children effects the economic situation, and it is known that Croatia is among the leading countries for unemployment in EU.

Foto: Profimedia

Foto: Profimedia

However, male children stay longer with parents than female considering that female marry sooner. Since that has changed as well, and young marry later, sociologists consider that it is the main reason why they spend more time living with the parents. 50 years ago, it was normal in European countries for people to marry in their twenties.


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