Immovable actress in disability bicycle drove across Europe, and now she is in Macedonia and she has important message for everybody! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Due to severe spinal injuries she remained immobile, and because of this handicap she has lost all the engagements she previously played in in Europe

Funda Mujde, glumi u invalidskim kolicima
Printskrin: Youtube/Funda Mujde

With a specially designed bike that is run by hands, immovable Dutch actress of Turkish origin Funda Mujde has traveled entire Europe to send the message to the theaters that no one has the right to take away the art of people with handicap.

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Wanting for entire Europe to hear her, she got from Netherlands to Turkey in 2013. After that she traveled almost entire Europe and countries of former Yugoslavia, and she is in Macedonia now, where she performed in theater in Bitola, on the festival of mono drama in a play "Wheelchair".

Actress Funda Mujde comes from working family who emigrated from Turkey to Netherlands in the sixties of the last century. She played in Netherlands and many other countries of Europe in many different theater and television shows until fatal 2007. when evil destiny fixed her to the wheelchair.

She had a traffic accident that year. Another car smashed into a taxi she was driving in. Due to severe spinal injuries she remained immobile, and because of this handicap she has lost all the engagements that had previously played in theaters in Europe.

Printskrin: Youtube/HOE ZO

Printskrin: Youtube/HOE ZO

- Before the accident i was doing sports, i was swimming, riding a bicycle, i flew with a para glider... After the accident i was depressed. There was no work, i couldn't do sports. When the accident occurred i said to myself - it was better if i died, i was so disappointed, said the actress for Macedonian media.

Fate, hope and optimism returned to her when she started driving specially designed vehicle she is moving with her hands. Then she decided to show handicapped people that no one can take art from her.

Printskrin: Youtube/Funda Mujde

Printskrin: Youtube/Funda Mujde

Wanting the entire Europe to hear about that, she started going from Netherlands to Turkey in 2013. She traveled for 89 days and crossed 3.800 kilometers, but she accomplished her goal. 

- I traveled through all the countries of former Yugoslavia on a hand driven bicycle. I was a wittiness of more prettier side of the humanity. When i had problems people helped me. I am reporting with that vehicle - said Funda Mujne.

She is a host of international festival of mono drama, which is held in Bitola for the 19th time. She performed her partially autobiographical mono drama "Wheelchair", on the scene of the Culture Center, where her depression is pictured in a comical way.

Printskrin: Youtube/HOE ZO

Printskrin: Youtube/HOE ZO

- My life is included in this play, my accident and my depression, and partially emigration and history. Audience can determine if you can live life in this situation. There are segments of my travel from Amsterdam to Istanbul, and there is a part of actual events in Syria. All pictured metaphorically - said Funda.

In her plays and reportage, she said as an artist that handicapped people are - people. Her theater projects experienced great popularity in Netherlands, where she has up to 40 plays.

Watch the video:

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