Genius Serbs found a solution to take a swim in flooded Greece (VIDEO)

Or to say it better: Who can take the sea away from Serbs?

It's not easy to go to the sea, and then you wait for hours, if not days for the weather to get better so you could go to the beach, to swim...

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This is precisely what was going on to Serbian tourists in most of the Greece, which was struck by serious storm "Medusa", followed by strong winds and a massive amount of rain which caused floods in many places.

However, those who don't have time to wait, and who don't want something to take away the sea from them (even if that is nature), took the matter into their own hands. The video, which will climb to the top of creativity of 2017, comes from a couple of enthusiasts from Chalkidiki where the flooded streets are used by young people to have fun and to swim around...

The video clearly shows two guys who took the mattress and rubber rings and who glided down the... street. They used the strong torrent, took a bath, had some fun and went around the neighborhood on the water. In their swimming shorts. They can't say that the holiday went to waste :)

Printskrin: Tanjug


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