EXCLUSIVE! NEW SCANDALOUS FOOTAGES: Full report on secret safes, forbidden loans, unprocessed money at St. Sava Temple (VIDEO) (DOCUMENTS)

The control report at the Temple of St. Sava was executed on September 18, 2017, and the investigation was carried out personally by PATRIARCH IRINEJ with 4 more persons. A number of irregularities, abuses, and unreported safes have been found. Seeing this footage, the patriarch was shocked, and people around him are now trying to cover up theft with false declarations

The day after the SCANDALOUS ANNOUNCEMENT on the website of Serbian Orthodox Church (which was signed without his knowledge with "From the Office of His Holiness"), which claims that we "maliciously interpreted half-truths",  Telegraf is publishing the complete report about the control conducted in the Temple of Saint Sava which was done on 18.09.2017. personally by his holiness Serbian Patriarch and four more people. 

SCANDALOUS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: They accused Telegraf of making things up without the knowledge of the Patriarch! This is the proof that priests around Irinej - ARE LYING (PHOTO)

Within this report, we are also publishing FOOTAGE OF SAFETY CAMERAS, which only confirm part of what is stated in the report, regarding suspicious unprocessed money, secret and undeclared cash and safe deposit boxes in the Temple, scandalous surpluses, prohibited loans and other irregularities.

Foto: Telegraf

We repeat, the report was carried out personally by His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia, Mr. Irinej, and he proved that the thefts at the Temple of St. Sava continued even two years after the Patriarch personally replaced the six priests of all parishes because of the 750,000 euros theft, and yesterday, a false statement proved that people around the first man of Serbian Orthodox Church are trying to cover up the thefts.

The documents we publish relate to business over the last few months in the Temple:

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

As stated in this report, "on the handover of the eldership in the Temple, conducted on August 7, 2017, between Archbishop Arsenije and Archimandrite Stefan Saric, a surplus of money was found in the main hall of the Temple of St. Sava in the amount of 1,620,194 dinars and 3,013 euros.

Also, in the office number 206, it was found that in the safe, besides money, contains receipts for money lending, which was blessed by the previous elder, Bishop Arsenije. The are no contracts for the loans where the conditions could be determined (interest, repayment period). 

A receipt was issued for the outstanding loan of 600,000 dinars approved to the treasurer of the Temple, which according to His Holiness Patriarch Irinej represents "the worst abuse of office".

A receipt appeared in the amount of 3.000 euros to a certain mister, who was supposed to donate a forest on Zlatibor to Serbian Orthodox church. But, since there are no contracts, the payment deadline was extended, and the story about this money is not mentioned anywhere.

According to the statement of the treasurer, it was determined that the book of donations (and those are millions of unprocessed amounts) does not exist, it was determined that there are piles of unprocessed money, that the money is stored in drawers in offices, that there are three additional registers and safes that are not registered at the time of handover besides the two official ones. 

It was determined that there are no precise records about the reception of money from the main treasure to the auxiliary treasury, and the expert committee has been established that will determine the origins of surplus, and to determine whether there was abuse. 

There are comments on the video records in the same reports, and the counting of the money can be seen, and the unprocessed money being returned to the safe without any control, being taken to the safe and carried to the treasury, or how the money is taken from the drawers of the desks.

We mention that these footages are authentic, that they are made with security cameras and that counting of the money in the next video is shocking, to say the least.

In this report, we publish other documents: the Commission's list of the treasury of the Memorial House of St. Sava and the Church of St. Sava, as well as the report on the handover of the duties of the elders of the temple from 07.08.2017. 

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

At the end, we invite the people who in the Patriarch's name, without his knowledge, hide behind the signing "From the Office of His Holiness", to step out publically and to say what's not the truth in Telegraf texts. If they claim that no report is correct then let them, under their own name, accuse the Patriarch (who conducted the investigation) of malicious interpreted lies. We don't do that! But - we accuse them of trying to cover up the thefts.

Are they afraid now that their way of doing business is being investigated, their private affairs, millions of abused donations which ended up in their companies instead of the temple? If they are - they are right to be afraid of us, when they are not afraid of the God.

In the name of all honest priests, deacon, bishop, and believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church! Because not all priests are - thieves!

In the name of Telegraf.rs - Aleksandar Jovanovic, editor in chief


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