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EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE VILLAGE OF SERBIAN JIHADIST: Boban was nice and quiet, and then he converted to Islam! (PHOTO)


Neighbors told for Telegraf that Boban was a very nice young man

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Slavoljub Simeonovic, father of Boban Simeonovic, suspected to be connected with terrorists who participated in Attack in Berlin on Christmas Market, did not want to speak with media.


We asked Belgrade's migrants if they knew attacker in Berlin: These are their answers


- I was told not to speak with you. I don't know anything anyway, so i have nothing to tell you, but not everything is what what it seems - said Slaboljub briefly, claiming that he knew nothing, and then walked in the house and closed the door in village Sarbanovac near Bor.


Neighbors claim that father Slavoljub and Boban's mother Milica very good people, and that Boban was a very nice young man. 


Their neighbor Anka Krinica said that Boban's parents worked in Germany in Dortmund and now they are retired.


- They are in the village during the summer, and in Germany during the winter. As much as i have heard, his wife should come tomorrow. Boban rarely came to Serbia, because he was born in Germany. He graduated from school there. We saw him last year when he came with his wife from Germany, who also converted to Islam just like he did. He was married to an Ukrainian girl, but he did not get along with her very well so they split up. His second wife wore headscarves. I know that Boban's father did not agree with him converting to Islam - said neighbor Anka.


One of the neighbors points that Boban was extremely positive young man.


- He was so clever and positive. I haven't seen him in a long time, but i know that he graduated some university for chemistry. I remember him as a very positive man, i was really surprised with what i have heard in the media - claims the neighbor.


Foto: AP/Tanjug, Printskrin: Youtube/Al Manhaj Media

Foto: AP/Tanjug, Printskrin: Youtube/Al Manhaj Media


Let us recall, services and the police kept focus on Boban S. (27) from Dortmund for a long time. They searched the apartment on 10. August of the man German media claim to be "German Serb", who has passports of both countries. Somewhere there is information that he is "convert", but it is not said weather he was born in Germany or Serbia. Two teams of police finally arrested him in 8. November in the part of a large campaign against the main facilitators of the Islamic State in Germany.


According to the German media, the meetings of this group did not happen in Boban's apartment, but in the apartment of his associate Nadine H. Every Thursday, man and women came to that apartment dressed in traditional Muslim wares. According to the prosecutor, the role of Boban S. was indoctrination, education of newly elected extremists on how to speak, what terms to use, how to think and live withing the radical Islamic norms.


Muslim name of Boban was Abdurahman. He was not the central man of the network, but the things neighbors from Dortmund said to the media don't seem naive at all, reports radio Deutsche Welle (DV).


There were reasonable doubts in August, but Boban S. alias Abdurahman was not arrested at the time. It is presumed that German officials waited to gather enough solid evidence against the entire network marked by Ralf Jager, Minister of Internal Affairs of province of North-Rhine Westphalia, as a group of "Salafists pulling the strings" in support of jihadists.


(Telegraf.co.uk / D.S.)



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