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Belgrade will make profit from holidays: Expected income 20 million euros!

According to him, the city will spend 500.000 euros for New Year organization

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Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali, expects 270.000 overnight stays, or 20 million euros of income from tourists which will stay in the capital around New YearAlso, he said that tourism is the fastest growing branch of economy because, in the first six months of this year, Belgrade was visited as much as it was in entire 2015.

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- It is a great potential, tourism, hotels and restaurants... The number of employees is growing in tourist industry. It is a great potential for relatively small investment - said Mali on the meeting of the Union of Autonomous Trade Syndicates of Belgrade.

According to him, the city will spend 500.000 euros for New Year organization, reports Belgrade media.

- We expect 270.000 overnight stays in just a few weeks around New Year, and that is 20 million euros of income - pointed Mali.


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