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Friend Alija, thank you to the heavens: Muslim saved Serb who lost both eyes in war, these are his words 25 years later (VIDEO)

He told his touching story in Banja Luka in front of 400 people, and the video drew a lot of attention on social networks

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In the ocean of negative stories relating to the past aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are some different, that speak about humanity and noble acts. .Alija Cosic from Jajce, decorated with the highest recognition in the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina "Golden Lily", commander of the 305-705. Famous Mountain Brigade, during the war operations in Kupres saved the life of a captured Serbian soldier Vlado Gajicic, which at that time lost both eyes.


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Even though Cosis lost both of his brothers during war times, he said that he had no doubts in a single moment what to do.


- When Vlado got injured, i used first aid, many got angry, but every wounded person is the same to me. I never thought i would meet him ever again in my life - said Alija Cosic.


During the imprisonment, his watch remained at the commander Cosic, and Gajic was transferred to the Zenica hospital. On the first occasion, to release the weight on his heart, as Alija said, he visited Vlado and returned his watch to him. But he refused to take it back, and gave it as a gift to his savior.


- As soon as the war ended, Vlado was searching for me. He asked for me through our mutual friends. We met for the first time in 1996 in Jezero. We talked each day, there was calm for some time, that did not last for long - said Cosic.


And then, an invitation for the wedding arrived to his address - Vlado was marrying his son.


- His wife said in front of the door on the ceremony, and he told me: "My friend, you have not failed again" - said Cosic.


He told his touching story in Banja Luka in front of 400 people:


- Many would like to do something like that, but many are afraid of their own. I had no idea that he will tell the story about our friendship and our history in front of the 400 people. In those touching moments, there were no divisions among Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats - said Cosic.


The video drew a lot of attention on social networks.


- The video of the emotional speech gathered massive attention, i am mostly pleased that i received many positive comments and a lot of friend calls. People found it interesting to watch it, and the number of few thousand people is not small in just a few hours - he said.


Watch the video:




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