Ivana (13) from Zitiste is a wonder girl: She drives a tractor and combine better than the boys, and she cultivates the land herself! (PHOTO)

- I like driving the tractor the most, and last year i drove a combine. When i finish school work i go with dad to the field where i help him to prepare, plow and seed - said this hard working girl

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When she decided to change dolls and computer with tractor and combine she learned to drive, thirteen year old girl Ivana Radinovic from Zitiste near Zrenjanin, became a girl for example, because she showed that desire for work comes from earliest childhood.

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This girl, in addition to being an excellent student of 6th grade elementary school "Sveti Sava" in Zitiste, she is diligent and hardworking farmer. In addition to regular school activities , Ivana heads to the field with her father after school.

- I like driving the tractor the most, and last year i drove a combine. When i finish school work i go to the field and i go with dad to the field where i help him to prepare, plow and seed - said this hard working girl.

These days, Ivana had many responsibilities in the field. Since her family is exclusively engaged in agriculture, Ivana is a great help to his father.

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- We sow corn and sunflower, and in the past few days we were preparing the ground for planting. I use all the agricultural machinery, roller, planters and sprayers - she is skillfully handling the machinery, but also the terms of agriculture.

Ivana said that it was strange for her to drive a tractor at the beginning, but in time she learned everything. It was better for her to play with tractor in early childhood, to go around agricultural farm with her father and to watch the works on the field, than to spend time in front of the computer.

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Ivanas father, Ivan Radinovic, is proud of his daughter, as he said for Telegraf, she is an example of hardworking persistent girl, and that no one interfered with her interests, she fell in love with agriculture and working on the field on her own:

- We are a family who has been doing agriculture for a long time, we are working on a field and that is our primary activity. Ivana has started driving a tractor when she was almost ten, but the greatest surprise was when she learned to drive a combine. So far she has worked with every agricultural machines - said this proud father.

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He confirmed that he has so much confidence with his daughter that he trusted her in planting few hectares of land.

- I have more confidence in her than in any other worker, trust me, she is meticulous and dedicated to her work. Of course, the school is in the first place, education, and everything else when school work is done - says Ivana's father.

Mother Ljiljana, who is taking care about the household, said, with a smile, that Ivana's sisters Milana and Sanja and her brother Slobodan were always in "man" jobs:

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- She always liked to play with cars, tractors, when she was little she was driving toys in the yard. She traded dolls and makeup for tractors and agricultural machines, unlike her peers - said mother Ljiljana.

Ivana's friends from primary school reacted weirdly at first, because she doesn't spend her time next to a computer and Facebook, but in nature, working in the field.

- I like spending time with my friends, i am active on social networks, but i would rather sit in a tractor with my dad and go to a field - said this thirteen year old.

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After primary school, Ivana has no doubts what next. She will go to Agricultural high school and she will dedicate completely to farming the land. Her greatest desire is for this year to bring good yield.

- It was dry these days, but the rain will be good for planted cultures - said the young worker who will have a lot of obligations in the following period, both in school and on the field.

She sent a strong message to today's girls, that makeup and waredrobe don't make a person, but the pleasure to sit in a tractor when you are 13 and to work on your own property, and to run agricultural farm one day successfully.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Dragana Ivanic)


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