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Blond with a million euros drugs: She changed her appearance to avoid arrest, this is how they found her (PHOTO)

By comparing the two photos from Facebook profile of Tijana Stankovic, you can barely notice it is the same person

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Tijana Stankovic (25) has been marked as one of the main organizers of criminal group that produced ecstasy (we found out that the value is around million euros) changed her appearance significantly in the last few years. She used to be blond, and on the photos published only 12 hours before the arrest, she doesn't look like her "old self". 

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Foto: Facebook

Foto: Facebook

By comparing the two photos from Facebook profile of Tijana Stankovic, you can barely notice it is the same person.

From the attractive blond to the attractive brunetteIt is speculated that the girl wanted to avoid the arrest by changing her appearance, but the police managed to find her.

However, she was recognized by facial lines she can't change, and it is obvious that police were tracing her, so she could not fool them with simple change of haircut.

If you take a closer look, she didn't change her eyes and eyebrows, nor the company she was in...

Foto: Facebook

Foto: Facebook

Police confiscated 96.000 tablets of ecstasy (total weight 42 kilos), 10 kilos of ecstasy ready to be made into tablets, 80 kilos of microcrystalline cellulose for the manufacture of ecstasy and 840 grams of marijuana.

Value of ecstasy one million

As we found out, the street value of the seized drugs is:

* 800,000 euros for 96,000 tablets

* 10 kg weight made ready for tableting - of which she could make 25,000 pills - worth about 200,000 euros.

Besides Tijana and her father, police arrested A.M. (1987), M.C. (1982) and S.P. (1987), due to grounded suspicion that they committed criminal offenses of conspiracy to commit criminal acts and illicit production and trafficking of narcotic drugs.

In this action, police seized 96.000 tablets of ecstasy (total weight of 42 kilograms), 10 kilos of ecstasy stored for tableting, 80 kilograms of microcrystalline cellulose for the manufacture of ecstasy and 840 grams of marijuana

Watch the video: 

A complete laboratory for the production of synthetic drugs has been seized- tabletting machines, apparatus for preparing the mixture, mixers and other equipment.

All of those arrested have been charged with producing ecstasy in tablet form for a longer period of time with different embossed symbols and forms and distributing them to customers in the territory of our country.

The suspects will be held in custody for 48 hours and they will be brought to the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime within the legal deadline.


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