They wanted to leave Kosovo: Two bus departures from Pristina to Belgrade canceled

More than 50.000 people left Kosovo and they sought shelter in EU countries

The departure of two buses has been canceled last night from Pristina to Belgrade, because groups of people have been noticed on surveillance records who encourage people to leave Kosovo and buy tickets in organizations, announced the director of the Iljber Chitaku station.

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He said that it is a real reason the departure of two buses for Belgrade from the bus station was canceled, reports RTS, referring to media from Pristina.

Security expert Burim Ramadani said that it was precisely this scenario that took place in 2015 when there was an exodus of Albanians from Kosovo to EU countries.

Foto: Wikipedia/Mustafh

- That's precisely how it started, the wave of migrations in 2015, with this group of people. The entire political elite in Kosovo is aware of these groups. There is footage that confirms it. The political elite knows that and it's very clear. But they didn't arrest anyone - said Ramadani.

In the two-month wave in 2015, more than 50,000 people have left Kosovo who sought shelter in EU countries.

It is alleged that most of them were returned to Kosovo.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug / photo: Ilustracija)

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