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This is how Serbs in Vrginmost live, the place where Serbs died in World War II and the operation "Storm"

84 students are going to school here, 42 percent of them are of Serbian nationality

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Barbara Ljubisic, principal of the Gvozd Primary School in Vrginmost, to be visited by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic during his stay in Croatia, says that it is good to work on reconciliation and establishing better relations between the two countries.

A gala dinner for Vucic and a delegation was organized (PHOTO)

Vrginmost, which was renamed to Gvozd in 1996, is a place where Serbs were heavily killed during World War II, but also in Operation Storm, and today in that municipality and in Topusko municipality, there are about 700 Serb families.

84 students are going to school here, 42 percent of them are of Serbian nationality. 

- We are a serious educational institution, we do not make any difference among children, we respect and nurture diversity, nationality, and religion and thus we be proud of ourselves - Ljubisic said.

She explains that about 30 percent of pupils attend an Orthodox religious class as an elective subject, while a third of children go to Serbian language and culture.

Life in the Gvozd municipality has been very difficult in recent years, she says, adding that this is reflected in the number of children that have been drastically decreasing in recent years. When she started working in the school in 2002, there were 230 pupils, and the downward trend was particularly noticeable in recent years.

- People go where the work is, the entire families move out searching for better conditions - she said and added that there is very few content for children in this place and that is why the school tries to provide them as much as possible.

Vucic will donate 10 laptops during his visit to the Information Technology class.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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