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Former decorated soldier of Yugoslav National Army despised NATO, his last statuses pointed to horror: Who is Dalibor from Kraljevo who blew himself up in front of the US embassy? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Dalibor wrote on his Facebook profile that he was decorated with a medal for merits in the areas of defense and security in the FRY

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He threw a bomb in the yard of the US embassy, and then killed himself, Dalibor Jaukovic (43), a former member of the Yugoslav National Army (YNA), reported the Montenegrin media. According to the latest information, the identity of the attackers was confirmed and it is Jaukovic.

Silence after the night of terror in Podgorica: A cordon of police in front of the US embassy, the investigation is in progress (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

According to the Montenegrin CDM portal, the autopsy of the body is completed. The police administration will organize a press conference during the day, in which it will announce more details.

Dalibor wrote on his Facebook profile that he was decorated with a medal for merits in the areas of defense and security in the FRY.

He lived in Podgorica and was born in Kraljevo. According to our knowledge, he moved to Montenegro in 1993.

Foto: Facebook/Dalibor Jaukovic

"Vecernje Novosti" informally conveyed that Jaukovic was not married and had no family.

- He was a very nice and respected man. He used to work at the Aluminum Plant in Podgorica where he lost his job. He suffered a lot because he literally had nothing anymore. Jaukovic's are a well-known fraternity. Their roots come from the village Pridvorica near Savnik. He was in a lot of pain to do this - a source of "Novosti" said this who wanted to remain anonymous.

They say in the Association of War Veterans of Montenegro from 1990 that they are in shock because of everything that happened.

Foto: Facebook/Dalibor Jaukovic

- They are bursting because of injustice. That wasn't an ordinary man. He was brave, on the war front during the NATO aggression, while he was forgotten in peace. He lived very hard when he lost his job. Perhaps that was the turning point - the people from the Association of War Veterans said.

Creepy night in Montenegro: He threw a bomb at the USA embassy, and then he killed himself

Dalibor published on his Facebook account a charter of excellence signed by Slobodan Milosevic, from 1999, and judging by his posts on social networks, he was against entering the NATO. 

- Not into NATO, we will be damned - one of his statements, where he posted the photos of his decorations.

One of his statements on Facebook from May last year goes like this: "If you want to deal with them, you will burn soon, and no one will care about it".

Based on this post, his negative mood may be somewhat conclusively concluded, which probably prevailed for a long time. 

The last thing that can be seen on his Facebook profile is the statement about Donald Trump. It is actually a quiz since it can be seen that Trump holds the photo, with the prize dinner with Melania beside it in the White House.

The motive of his alleged attack on American Embassy is still unknown, the investigation is ongoing.

The Montenegro police blocked the approach to the embassy.

After an internal review, the US Embassy in Podgorica confirmed that all employees were safe after an incident this morning.

- Thanks to everyone who sent us messages of support - it says on the official Twitter profile of the Embassy.


VIDEO: Bomb is thrown at the US Embassy in Montenegro

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