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All the attacks of Albanians in the last few days are with someone's consent: Vucic on events about Kosovo


- Serbia did a lot in the last year, but it can always be better - Vucic said

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, while visiting the Radio Television of Serbia's Morning News on the occasion of the one year since he was elected, spoke about the work done, the current situation in Kosovo, the economic results of Serbia, the upcoming challenges that our country faces in the process of Belgrade negotiations with Pristina.

Thaci revealed what will be the result of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, according to him: It is a "win-win" situation (PHOTO)

- As a president of Serbia, I had the honor and the opportunity to talk with the highest officials and presidents, prime ministers of great countries, and with all the great Asian powers, and with president Macron, and I will soon go to visit France, I met with president Trump, I've seen all European and African leaders - Vucic said, adding that it is a testimony to the dedicated energy and hard work, but also that he didn't embarrass Serbia anywhere.

Vucic emphasized that he is proud that Serbia, during the turbulence in the world, managed to preserve its peace.

- May has ended with a total of 8.4 billions of surplus. Our result is around 400 million euros better since the start of the year - Vucic said and he announced a significant increase in wages.

Printskrin: RTS

They talked about the abolition of the Law on the Temporary reduction of Pension, where Vucic said that it is certain and that 300 million euros were already provided for this.

Speaking about Kosovo, the president said that he is very concerned with the latest events in the province, but the most important is that stability and peace have been preserved.

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- I am worried because I know how it went from 2000 to 2003. Standards on Kosovo didn't exist at the time and that was a trigger for riots. Don't forget that it is always with the support of certain countries. What worries me is that they are not doing anything on their own. I am afraid that they will start taking some other measures besides bringing fear to Serbs, just like what they did with Marko Djuric, or failing to carry out the investigation of Ivanovic's murder - Vucic said and added that there is also the construction of the road at Visoki Decani, and then the ambulance which was stoned twice... The attack at the Health Center in the village Novaci, the stealing of cattle...

He stressed that he is most concerned about the silence of the international community on escalating violence on Kosovo. 

Printskrin: RTS

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia did a lot during the last year, but he thinks that it can always be better.

- We managed to overcome many obstacles which we inherited thanks to our citizens and got Serbia into a better situation. I am never pleased and I think that we can do better - Vucic said.

When it comes to the government in Belgrade, Vucic said that the City Committee of Serbian Progressive Party will make a decision about the candidacy for Mayor.

- I am the president of Serbia, the city committee of SPP of Belgrade will make a decision on that - Vucic said. The session of the City Assembly, where the new mayor of Belgrade will be elected, is scheduled for June 7.

VIDEO: Addressing of Aleksandar Vucic after the summit in Bulgaria


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