Croats wonder: "Serbs have blocked the roads over fuel prices, what are we going to do?" (PHOTO)

The neighbors are also speaking about the blockade, and what are their plans?

The news has traveled around Croatia that the traffic was blocked in several cities in Serbia because of the price of the fuel and its citizens were left wondering if the similar scenario will happen in their country.

Protest over fuel prices: Road and bridge blockades in Belgrade and Novi Sad are over for now (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Just like in Serbia, the initiative started on Facebook in Croatia, where the group "Fuel prices are rising" gathered around 20.000 members.

- Let's support the action to reduce the fuel expenses and to lower the price under 9 kuna. #turnofftheengine (#ugasimotor) - written in the invitation for the members which is shared across social networks.

The protest in Croatia is scheduled for Jun 15th.

They also have a plan to paralyze the traffic in multiple cities, but much shorter than what was done in Serbia - for just 10 minutes, from 17:00 to 17:10.

Their media wonder if they will really do it, and how many drivers will really block the roads during the largest rush hour.

This is how the Croatian media reported the news about the blockade in Serbia, and they wondered how will the protest look like with them:

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