If Kosovo enters the UN, Republika Srpska will ask for a seat as well! Dodik warned: They can't exclude arguments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Foreigners keep applying double standards, the arguments they use for Kosovo can't be excluded in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Milorad Dodik said

Vremenska prognoza za 30.07.2018.

If Kosovo get's accepted in UN and other international institutions, Banja Luka will request for the same path, the president of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik said.

Is the division of Kosovo back on the menu? What hides behind the statements of the officials prior to the new round of negotiations

The Assembly of Srpska issued a resolution stating that in case of establishing a new international principle and practice in recognizing the right to self-determination, we will insist on establishing our state status. This document is still in force and we will not give up that, Dodik told Novosti.

He said that foreigners keep applying double standards, the arguments they use for Kosovo can't be excluded in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The solution of relations between Belgrade and Pristina on a permanent basis should also include resolving the issue of the status of Serbs, Dodik said.

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Regarding the decision of Great Britain not to discuss about Kosovo at the UN Security Council, Dodik emphasizes that he is not surprised because, as he said, ever since Britain has been present in this region from the time of Ottoman Empire, their policy has been anti-Serbian. 

We must openly fight for our positions and openly say - the British are permanently directed against us, said the President of the RS.

On the statement that the West is sensitive to his claims and initiatives directed towards the independence of Srpska, Dodik reassures that he is sensitive on devaluation the Serbian national and state rights, the Dayton Agreement.

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When asked if he thinks that division of Kosovo is one of the possible solutions, Dodik said that Serbia's negotiation position today is far stronger and powerful thanks to Aleksandar Vucic and he emphasizes that he believes in the work of president Vucic and his team.

- If we come to a situation to talk about it, I am ready to gather all state and national factors of Serbs, including us from Republika Srpska, and to seriously place the topic on the agenda, because it seems that it is the only one relevant for consideration. We should present all the pros and cons, without emotions and calculations. In the end, there are no permanent borders here - said Dodik.

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