Confession of girl from Belgrade who escaped fire in Montenegro: Embers were falling, we were choking in smoke! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

"What is the scariest is that we do not know what happened to other people who were in the camp, and there were plenty of children"

The teams of firefighters, together with the members of the Maritime Safety Administration, the Army of Montenegro and Boka pilot company from Bijelo, made a complete evacuation of the whole coastal part of Lustica in the Veslo region of the province where a large fire broke out. There were citizens of Serbia among the evacuated, and one of them is Selena Tasic who shared her dramatic experience with Telegraf editorial staff. 

FOOTAGE FROM THE CENTER OF FIERY BLAZE: Montenegro firefighters are breaching to the flames, and the fire threatens to engulf them (VIDEO)

There were about 40 people in the Ponte Veslo neighborhood and among them about 10 Serbian citizens, including a four-month-old baby. According to the witnesses, the situation was very serious, people jumped into the sea fleeing from the fire and waited for help in the water for about an hour.

Foto: Selena Tasić

Selena Tasic from Belgrade, who was on her vacation with her boyfriend and friends in the camp Veslo, said for Telegraf that they escaped certain death by pure luck.

Foto: Selena Tasić

We were woken by thick smoke at four in the morning and entirely by accident. There was a fire in the house already, and we grabbed what we could from the things at the moment and we rushed out of the house. Embers were falling outside, and the seven of us got into some kayaks. We rowed around five kilometers and we didn't know where we were going from the smoke that choked us, and I guess there was adrenaline rush so we had the strength - she said.

Selena said that they landed on some rock and they spent three hours there because they heard two boats arriving from Budva at 7 in the morning, even though she was calling for help the entire time.

Foto: Selena Tasić

We lived there till yesterday, and now the entire camp Veslo had burned. The house where we were probably burned as well, and we don't know what happened to our car. What is the scariest is that we do not know what happened to other people who were in the camp, and there were plenty of children - she said.

Selena is now in Zanjice, which is also being evacuated now because the fire is moving towards that direction. According to the information of police department Herzeg Novi, there are no injuries and no one's life is in danger.

- Rescue teams transported the citizens in danger to the Health Center in Herzeg Novi, and accommodation is secured for all evacuated in the Rehabilitation Center Igalo. The worst situation is currently in Bigovo and Veslo, where the strong fire is still burning, and firefighters can't get close due to the strong winds so they focus all their power from the direction of the water - confirmed for Telegraf Dejan Ostojic, commander of police and Security Center Herzeg Novi.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Gordana Cosic)

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