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EU introduced new rule on borders: Prepare for terrible crowds

The whole problem arose when it was found out that some of the terrorists who did attacks in Europe and across the world were also citizens of EU who had the freedom of movement

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The terrorism threats and organized crime have forced the European Union to amend the Schengen Borders Code, and the changes are mentioned as a condition for the system of free movement within the Shengen borders to stay alive at all, which was one of the most wonderful achievements of EU integrations, writes Jutarnji list.
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According to the proposals presented by the European Commission and supported by the European Council, all passengers entering or leaving the EU external borders will be registered. 
So far only those who are not citizens of the EU, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway were registered, and from now it will refer to them too.
That is why there are special lanes on border crossings and special boots on the airports for citizens of EU and those that are not from EU. It is not hard to foresee that this will make additional crowds and that it will slow down the border crossing, especially during holidays.
Foto: Tanjug/Ministarstvo za rad
So the crossing to Croatia from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will last more that it used to be, because border police won't just check the documents and picture, they will also register you - for the 60 passenger bus going from Sarajevo to Zagreb, that will certainly mean more time spent on the border, reports Jutarnji.
As for crossing the border with Slovenia and Hungary, both of which are part of the Schengen area, there are aims to find a solution according to which the registration should not be conducted by Slovenian and Croatian border police officers, but only by one side.
Croatian border to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro outer border of EU, it is also outer border of Schengen towards Slovenia and Hungary, so when the new measures take power, it could slow down the border crossings.
That is why Croatia and Slovenia asked for more flexible approach on the EU summit in Brussels to leave the possibility for solution which would not bring to significant slowdown of traffic and flow of people and goods.
Foto: Tanjug/Tade Preli─ç

Foto: Tanjug/Tade Preli─ç

The whole problem arose when it was found out that some of the terrorists who did attacks in Europe and across the world were also citizens of EU who had the freedom of movement, without having to register in the system, so it was hard tracking their movement.
Etias system was introduced as a measure to strengthen the control, according to which persons who are not EU citizens must pre-register themselves via the Internet in the system to announce the arrival to the EU, pay 5 euros for registration and then they can travel to EU countries within 5 years for free. It is essential that services in the EU know who goes in and out of the Union.
The European Council welcomes the agreement on the revised Schengen Borders Code which introduces the system of control for all passengers crossing the external borders of the EU, taking into account the specific situation of certain Member States - was said on the summit and it sends political message to search the solution Croatia and Slovenia seek in the further process.
Idea is that, if passengers register on Croatian border side, they don't have to be registered by Slovenia as well, it is enough to be done once. Croatia strives for Schengen membership, which would make the problem disappear, at least on the borders of Croatia with Hungary and Slovenia, while Croatia would have to register every person coming to the EU from the southern neighbors.
(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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