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No one is safe! Where are we on danger map of terrorism?

Serbia is in the heart of Balkan migration route, and it is a frightening fact that the truck driver from Berlin passed that route in August

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Tragic event in Europe have shaken the entire world, so we ask, how safe are we as as a country, and are we interesting to terrorists. Independent MP Djordje Vukadinovic answered these questions for Telegraf.

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- I think that what happened in Turkey and Berlin are the best indicators that no one is safe, it is a warning on danger from terrorism and attacks that are usually threatening Europe, especially in the context of migrant crisis and a wave of refugees from Near East. Those were not just empty threats and gathering of propaganda points, as some may think - considers Vukadinovic.

According to the words of this independent member of the parliament, what has happened in France last year, what we are seeing and Germany and especially the assassination on Russian ambassador in Turkey are very frightening. He thinks that even the last idealists, who believed in multiculturalism and tolerance, now realize that things have gotten serious.

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

- Even though no one is safe, especially Serbia, which is in the heart of Balkan migration route, and the fact that Berlin truck driver passed that route in August, is a special sign that Serbia can not sleep peacefully. Let's not skip that, besides the Balkan route, we have potential extremism hotspots - since the nineties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Kosovo and Metohija, and even in Raska - explains Vukadinovic.

According to him, Serbia has local and global reasons to be worried. Of course, not in the context of panic, but certainly to increase the safety that is needed.

- We are not the main target, but that is little comfort. I am concerned by domestic and local centers, actually the generators, they are bigger problem. And it is especially dangerous and flammable when those and global generators join together and quite flammable mixture occurs. I would be sincerely surprised if that mixture avoids us. So far there have been no greater problems, and the largest number of migrants and refugees behaved really correctly, as the state did towards them - said the independent MP Djordje Vukadinovic and adds:

- Even though we re not high on the list of international targets, it would be crazy to rely on that, of course.

Above all, Vukadinovic is pleased how migrants are being treated in Serbia.

- However, we can't do much more that we are already doing, that relation towards migrants can't change much. I hope that everything will be more careful after this, but we don't need any hysteria and negative euphoria to see terrorist in every migrant, which would only bring more harm than good - he concludes.

(Telegraf.co.uk / J. Odabasic)

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