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Croatia raised the security level to the third level due to the terrorist attack in Berlin

This decision is the result of a terrorist attack in Berlin and it was made just a few hours after the event

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Croatian Police Director Marko Srdarevic has decided to raise the level of alert throughout the country from the second to the third of a total of four levels, writes "Jutarnji list", citing unnamed sources.

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"Jutarnji" writes that this decision is the result of a terrorist attack in Berlin and it was made just a few hours after the event, and that police activities have been increased on public places.

The paper adds that representatives of the Security Intelligence Service, Military Security Intelligence Agency and Police officials met, the day after the attack in Berlin, and they concluded that the security and intelligence services should raise the level of alert.

The decision is made by the director of the police and the Minister of Internal Affairs informs the Prime Minister. 

In practice, this means increased police patrols in places where public events are held - especially Christmas events.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/allOver Photo

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/allOver Photo

This means increased border control - border crossings and sea depth border areas, increased activity of special units "Kobra" and border police with thermal imaging devices.

This level of alert involves stronger and more frequent coordination and exchange of information between police and intelligence services, writes "Jutarnji".

The third level of alert was last introduced in February after the terrorist attack at the airport in Brussels, and before that, after the terrorist attacks in Paris. 

"Jutarnji" notes that the situation is specific now, because of the numerous pre-holiday events, there are lot of people on city streets and on squares, which is a perfect target for terrorist.

The decision to raise the level of alert was issued under the general situation regarding security in Europe and the recent serious warning the US State Department to all European partners that there is a serious threat of terrorist attacks in areas where the Christmas fairs are held.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)


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