Friends on Facebook are justifying Rasa and they don't believe he killed his father: "He is lovely, he made good parties, let's sent him money to prison"

They are gathering money so he can use because "he can expect hell in Central Prison"

The day after the monstrous murder that happened in Belgrade, where it is suspected that a son has butchered his father with 20 stabs, a group was formed on Facebook which is compassionate with the suspect. As if the compassion is not enough, they are spontaneously agreeing to collect money that they would send to Rados Ljumovic to Central Prison because "the hell is waiting for him there, as they said. 

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As if that wasn't enough, most of the comments are "blaming the journalists for serious crime". Because he was the guy who "makes the best parties and afters".

- A murder of biblical scales happened and everybody is quiet. No one is saying anything. They are turning their heads and the incompetent writers, who call themselves journalists, are talking and talking. They are caring about events that draw sensationalism. As the goal itself is not enough. Rados Ljumovic, also known as Rasa, was charged with a serious crime. The calm, quiet, and really funny guy who will be remembered for good parties. He eighter made them, or he was there. I was convinced for a while that if I didn't see Rasa at a party or after, that wasn't that. The man had a scent for a good time, and ordinary gathering at his place will be remembered as something more. And Rasa, always confidently calm, phlegmatic. He would often laugh. The smile was a part of him. It is said that it was always extraordinary fun with him, and you always end up laughing - written in the status which caused an avalanche of comments and suggestion to help the suspect and to ease up his stay in prison.

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There were a lot of those who ask who are the people who publish such news on Rasa because they couldn't believe that he killed someone.

And so, a large amount of money could come to Bacvanska 14 (Central Prison in Belgrade) for the suspected Rados (38) and the court determined detention of 3 months for him. Not just from Serbia, but also from America. The murder that caused a chill in public is becoming the greatest humanitarian action with this unusual twist.

- Honestly, I would like to gather some money so we could send him to Central Prison, it will be hell for him there, but literally - Ljumovic's friend wrote.

- I am for that. I am sending 100 dollars since I am in America. Let's get organized - the other one continued.

- I am in Belgrade and I agree, I think that he won't have the right to legal visits from his mother or close relatives because of the influence on witnesses, and the case was categorized as family violence with a deadly outcome! The unfortunate Rasa doesn't have the right for his mother to visit, which is terrible by itself - the third wrote.

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Murdered Branimir Ljumovic (79) was a long time secretary of the Association for Public Utilities and Advisor to the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Five years ago, in 2013, he received a plaque "Emperor Constantine", in the presence of Zeljko Sertic, former Minister of Economy.

Ljumovic was brutally murdered in his apartment, and his body was found with more than 15 stab wounds, in the area of chest and back. Son Rados was arrested in the apartment as a suspect in the murder. He, as we unofficially found out, called a friend after the crime and told him what exactly happened. The friend immediately called the ambulance which quickly arrived at Resavska street.

According to the unofficial information, Rados was a treated drug addict and he was arrested in the apartment. While he was taken out of the building, the suspect was laughing all the time and he had his pants down.

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Because of the crime that happened, most of Rados' friends feel defeated for not helping him. That is why they decided to help him now when he is in prison. With dollars, euros, and dinars. "Because it will be a hell for him in there". 

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