A Serb wanted to destroy Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez ... he was preparing to attack the Royal Family: All about the actions of the right hand of "The Dark Overlord"

The British hospital admits it was robbed: Cybercriminals have footage from the close proximity of operating rooms, as well as intimate parts of well-known men and women, and even their faces while lying on the operating table

The arrested man S.S. (38) from Belgrade was a member of the hacking group "The Dark Overlord", who stole the compromising personal data of well-known world stars like Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, Keith Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Telegraf.rs finds out.

These are Serbian young men - hackers - half of Europe was searching for them: They managed one of the largest attack services from Ruma (PHOTO)

This man, with his hacker group, then blackmailed people because he had numbers of their bank accounts, explicit photos and photos from the operating tables at plastic surgeons. Cybercriminals threatened to distribute all information to the media or to publish them on the Internet. All victims were summoned by the FBI to give their statements.

In addition to these, the leading American TV channels ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, a Hollywood film studio such as Disney, a cable channel NAT GEO, and the largest Android platform for watching movies Netflix were also targeted by these hackers. 

Foto: Twitter

Hackers' victims were also investment banks, schools, clinics for the plastic surgery of celebrities and other healthcare organizations that have huge databases of known public figures and their health state.


The famous Plastic Surgery Clinic in London for celebrities was a target of this group, and hackers claim that they have footage of members of the British royal family. The investigation did not reveal how the breach happened, but the investigation services think that cybercriminals have footage from the close proximity of operating rooms, as well as intimate parts of well-known men and women, and even their faces while lying on the operating table.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- We have taken all precautions to immediately block the attack in order to protect patient information, and we also informed the Metropolitan Police that launched the investigation - according to the statement of this respectable clinic, and further information:

- Unfortunately, after careful examination of our IT experts and police, we believe that our safety was violated and that the data has been stolen. We are still determining which data was stolen.


Rumors about the massive leakage of unedited Hollywood movies and series have been circulating for months until this cyber group responded.

The hacker's attack began with the release of several premier episodes of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" series on the Internet and a notice that they have downloaded 37 more titles that are yet to be broadcast. As Netflix declined to pay for hackers, the latest episodes appeared on The Pirate Bay file sharing site. They are new episodes of "Celebrity Apprentice", "New Girl", "NCIS: Los Angeles", "The Catch", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"...


Hackers also issued an official press release in which, among other things, they state:

- It did not have to be this way, Netflix. You will lose a lot more money in all of this than what our modest offer was. We are ashamed of breathing the same air as you. We thought that pragmatic business would see and understand the benefits of cooperation with a rational and merciful minority, as we are. And to others: there is still time to be saved. Our offer is still on the table - for the time being - in the statement of the "Dark Overlord".

As the FBI's investigation revealed, hackers asked 50.000 dollars in Bitcoins from the production house Larson.

The hacker group, with the man from Belgrade as its member, works on advanced versions of Windows 7, and they breached the computer protections with no problems when an older laptop or a computer appeared in Larson Studios where they discovered and downloaded still unedited episodes of the most famous American series.

FBI, with the local police, as the case was with the Ministry of Internal affairs of Serbia, arrested several hackers. However, it remains a mystery who "The Dark Overlord" is. It is still not clear of there is a leader of the hacker group, or if they work together or individually in the same group.

VIDEO: Netflix confirmed the hacker attack into their bases 


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The group appeared in mid-2016.

At least 50 victims, including the world stars and the British royal family.

The victims already paid 257.000 dollars while the FBI investigation is ongoing.

1.5 terabytes are the amount of the largest stolen material and they asked 5.5 million bitcoins for ransom. 

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