What is Russia's position on the demarcation: Putin's Masha sent a clear message to Belgrade (PHOTO)

When asked about the position of Russia in terms of demarcation, Zakharova first responded with a counter question: You will not have a problem with that?

Russia is consistent and Moscow will respect Serbia's decision on Kosovo and Metohija, said Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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As she said, Russia's position on Kosovo is consistent and based on international law, respect for Serbia's sovereignty and its domestic legislation.

- We are not changing our consistent position - Zaharova said at a joint news conference in the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after a meeting with Ivica Dacic.

When asked about the position of Russia in terms of demarcation, Zakharova first responded with a counter question: You will not have a problem with that?

Then she added that Russia will respect the decision of the Serbian people. 

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

When it comes to Russia's foreign policy as a whole, someone likes it, someone does not, but we are consistent, Zakharova said, adding that this is an important quality especially in the modern world when international agreements are being tarnished and become a "piece of paper".

Consistency is also linked to the issue of Kosovo, she said, adding that their approach is based on respect for international law and the sovereignty of Serbia, and they know it in Belgrade, she added. 

She added that the problem of Kosovo has become an international problem and it's not only regarding Serbia. 

Zakharova reiterated that Russia's position has not changed over the years, that it is not theoretical but based on practical work and relies on international law and resolution 1244.

She says that Russia will not accept three things - and those are that someone says that Kosovo separated through a referendum, that it is a unique case in Europe, and that "historical memories are being twisted".


Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that people, who are now saying that there are no more border changes, should be ashamed because they are the ones who destroyed our border and who opened Pandora's box.

He emphasized that what was proposed by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, speaking about the demarcation, that the only desire is to reach compromise.

- They destroyed our border and now they remembered that "there are no changes to the borders". You have opened Pandora's box and now there is no more talking about it. You should be ashamed, hypocrites - Dacic stressed at the press conference with the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova.

he said that the same goes for Macedonia, which now remembered that there are no changes to the border when they started knocking on their door.

- What border are you talking about, the border of Kosovo and Serbia, who verified that border? Those who helped Kosovo to become independent and now they are telling us that there are no border changes - he criticized.

He said that everybody remembered now that there are no changes to the border on ethnic principle, ironically asking if perhaps Kosovo Liberation Army wasn't a multiethnic organization which fought for multiethnic Kosovo.

- Who thinks that we are weak when we show our desire for compromise, I have one thing to say: don't play with the nerves and muscles of Serbia - Dacic said.

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

When it comes to what he proposed earlier and the proposal of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Dacic said that he always spoke about the demarcation, that is, the need to divide the Serb and Albanian parts of Kosovo.

- That's my personal opinion. I can not comment on what the president implies and what options are current. Let's not speak as if this is a question on the table and that everything is solved. That is a reflection of the desire to reach compromise - he said.

He said that there are many ideas about how the solution might look, but the principle intention of Pristina leadership is to bring Presevo and Bujanovac under Kosovo borders.

- It's a solution for them. Let's not be taken for fools in the dialogue. The biggest problem for reaching a compromise is the Albanians from Kosovo and those who support them - he stressed.

Dacic stressed that Belgrade will continue the fight for territorial sovereignty and integrity and that what the president has said was an attempt to reach a compromise solution.

He recalled that the president himself said that there were small chances to reach an agreement.

About relationships with Russia, he said that Belgrade wants to build honest and partner relationship and they regularly introduce their friends in Moscow with their attitudes.

He reminded that Moscow's position is to support everything in the Serbian interest, adding that Serbia will certainly not surprise Moscow.

Dacic underlined that there is no solution without the Russian Federation, China, and the United States.

- I can not mention Great Britain anymore because they do not care about the Serbian attitude. We will have this in mind when they need something - he stressed.

Dacic said that it was simply incredible that the British called President Vucic and asked him to support their representative in the international judical institution, although they are not interested in our positions and they are removing the discussion about Kosovo and Metohija from the UN Security Council's agenda.

He reminded that there is no country that advocates for Serbian interests than Russia and added that he does not believe that any solution can emerge unless our strategic partners in Moscow are aware of it.

VIDEO: Dacic welcomed Zakharova

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