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Scandal! Albanians want to sue Serbia for 22 billion euros: This is the price of war compensation ?!


As Epoka e Re writes, there are more and more demands to start this scandalous question in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, to sue Serbia for compensation of war damages

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The damages amount over 22 billion euros that was caused by Serbia on Kosovo before and during the war (1990 - 1999), announced by the government officials and analysts in Pristina. As Epoka e Re writes, there are more and more demands to start this scandalous question in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, to sue Serbia for compensation of war damages.

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According to this newspaper, the compensation for war damage has not been considered so far during the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, which is held in Brussels under the auspices of the European Union.

- At the moment, Kosovo and Serbia are entering the final phase of the dialogue, where the conclusion of the final agreement, which would mean normalization of the relations between the two countries, was announced, while, according to analysts, the war damages should be placed on the agenda of the talks - the Pristina newspaper writes.

Although this issue is not on the agenda of the Brussels talks, it was re-launched in the Vienna negotiations, which were held before the declaration of independence of Kosovo. But this topic is immediately closed because the Serbian side did not accept such a request.

Muhamet Mustafa, from the Riinvest Institute, was the coordinator for the economic affairs of the Pristina negotiating team in Vienna. He is asking for this issue to be resolved in talks between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels, in a dialogue that began in 2011.

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He said that Serbia should compensate the war damages in order to normalize the relations between the two countries.

- The team that I led at that time, made an assessment of the war damage in different sectors reached over 22 billion euros. And now, of course, if Serbia really wants to leave behind Slobodan Milosevic's policy, they should be prepared to clear their debts against the private property and other damages to Kosovo government, starting from war to extermination they lead against Albanians - Mustafa said.

Haki Shatri, an economic adviser to the government in Pristina, who was part of the team in Vienna, said the international community has repeatedly hesitated on this issue.

He said compensation for war damage still needs to be solved within the ongoing talks in Brussels.

- I think that the Kosovo delegation will place this on the agenda as a special point in the negotiations with the Serbian side - Shatri said.

Muhamed Mustafa said that the so-called Republic of Kosovo shouldn't give up from war damages. He thinks that Kosovo should sue Serbia after the end of negotiations for war damages.

- It is obvious that Kosovo should consider other possibilities. Although Kosovo is still not a member of international courts due to its position in the UN. I think that Kosovo should deal with that, they should hire teams of experts to see the best and the most appropriate way for this lawsuit - Mustafa said for Radio Slobodna Evropa.

The officials of Kosovo government, in the meantime, said that the lawsuit will be raised when Kosovo becomes a member of the United Nations.


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