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The most abnormal bachelor party: The groom and the best man Croats created chaos and they jumped on police car, they woke up in police station!

One of their mischiefs is jumping on a police car

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The Croatian groom and his best man made so many misdemeanors that they spent the day after the bloody evening at the police station in Zadar, and they received several reports of violations of public order and peace, insulting and humiliating policemen, coercion of an official person and damage to someone else's property.

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And everything started in Radjanac at the celebration of a bachelor party in the night between Thursday and Friday.

There was music, songs, and singing, and the neighbors called the police. The policemen came to a chaotic party and warned the young men to calm down. Since they didn't do it, the neighbors called again.

When the policemen returned, the groom and the best man humiliated them, insulted them, poured a beer around and resisted arrest, and the host of the celebration L.F. (31) together with B.M. (32) climbed onto a police car. One jumped on the hood, the other on the roof, so the car was damaged.

Police officers called for reinforcements and other police patrols arrived. Then the groom and the best man started running and they began resisting arrest.

At the end, they were taken in and brought to sober up.


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