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Like in a craziest movie: He escaped the prison, he saw what was going on in Zadar, he returned and he begged the guards to take him back

- A prison inmate escaped the prison in Zadar on November 14th, 2017 during construction works on the ground floor of the building - announced from the Ministry of Justice of Croatia

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Pere C. from Zadar (30) has escaped on Tuesday in morning hours through the window of the investigative prison in Zadar, where he is being held as a suspect for attempted murder and robbery, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

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The court and the police station were informed right away about the escape of the 30-year-old from the building in Zadar center, he returned in less than 24 hours. A warrant was issued, but he returned on his own, and to the disbelief of the police and the guards, he rang the doors and asked the guards to let him in! 

Pere justified his short escape to freedom with nostalgia for his wife and underage child, as Slobodna Dalmacija unofficially found out, and he managed to escape the building during construction works on the ground floor. There were no bars on the floor which was renovated. 

- A prison inmate escaped the prison in Zadar on November 14th, 2017 during construction works on the ground floor of the building. The same person returned to the prison in Zadar on November 15th. The court and police station were informed about the escape right away and an arrest warrant was issued under his name - announced from the Ministry of Justice of Croatia.

Pere C. was arrested back on January 28th in Zadar together with his 29-year-old wife for robbery and attempted murder. The police arrested them after the car chase, and the court released his wife to prepare a defense, while Pere C. was detained in prison.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/allOver Photo

As it was confirmed by the police investigation, the spouses attacked and injured 62-year old, the owner of the house being built, after attempting to steal metal construction within in, and then they injured 52-year-old neighbor who tried to stop them in the robbery by closing the yard gate. They first beat the owner of the house, and then they ran over the neighbor with a car, then they drove away towards Zadar, where they were in a police chase.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Corbis

Besides that, the man from Zadar is known to the police by another bizarre event from May last year, when he seriously injured 42-year-old woman from Zadar which was trapped by her father in the hen house. 

The woman was walking with her 2 dogs, a retriever, and a terrier, but as she did not keep them in the leash, the dogs broke into a hen house owned by a 30-year-old and his father. The dogs slaughtered 10 chickens, despite the attempts to stop them. After managing to get them out of the hen house, 30-year-old Pere C. kicked her in the head, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.


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