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What hides behind the walls of MONTENEGRO PENTAGON? Home of the Skaljar clan at Kotor and police stormed in it

Sljakar clan entered the scene quietly, unexpected, and they became a nightmare for the home, regional and world police

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The Montenegro police in the action "Boka" searched few apartments of the members of this criminal group in the residential complex above Skaljar in Montenegro, better known as "Pentagon, where many people belonging to the so-called "skaljar clan" live. 

The footage of a Hollywood like robbery in Zagreb: Armed men intercepted the vehicle that transported money, they threatened the driver with a gun (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The Pentagon reached the center of attention when the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property of Montenegro (UZK) gave they consent for the construction of a huge residential and business complex above the Skaljar in Kotor, just after Anastazija Miranovic became the head of the institution.

Investor of this concrete facility, which experts believe is an example of the devastation of space, the company "Premia" from Kotor, contacted the Municipality of Kotor in late October 2014, with requests for issuing building permits for three of the five Pentagons, writes Podgorica "Vijesti".

Part of the documentation attached to each of these requests was also the "Consent of the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property", although the project that was done for the objects wasn't the same to the previously urban-technical conditions, especially from the aspect of the required conformity of new facilities with "architecture of the region" of Kotor.

Miranovic came to the place of the head of UZK came in summer 2014. She advocates today for the respect of the Action plan which was determined by the Ministry of culture at the end of February to prevent erasing Kotor from UNESCO list, which predicts the moratorium and further constructions in the area of Kotor municipality.

Miranovic in 2014, when she gave consent for Pentagon, attended the UNESCO meeting in Doha, where the institution issued a "recommendation for controlled construction in the area of Kotor. 

Foto: Wikipedia/Ggia

That was one degree less from the "last warning". UNESCO committee for world heritage warns on negative consequences of the excessive urbanization of Kotor in a series of documents in 2003.

The Pentagon itself can be compared with the constructions of Zemun clan in Silerova street in Zemun.

The leaders of Zemun Clan, Dusan Spasojevic Siptar and Mile Lukovic Kum invested into Silerova a great amount of money, and there are very expensive and luxurious items in it. It was estimated that at least 8 million euros was invested into the construction of the villa, although the information was never confirmed.


The search was done in the apartments of Igor Dedovic, His mother Vojka, his father in law Gracije Petrovic, then the apartment of Dalibor Tomovic known as "Daba" and the apartment of Aleksandra Djuric, wife of late Dalibor Djuric.

Podgorica police controlled the safety integrated persons and objects where they are staying, during the weekend, so they searched the apartments and other locations used by Dragan Ilic (35).

A large amount of ammunition and a certain amount of explosives were discovered during the search.

Foto: e-stock.us/Petar Jovanović


Sljakar clan entered the scene quietly, unexpected, and they became a nightmare for the home, regional and world police. They started a clan which is one of the most brutal at the moment.

They performed the executions with an automatic rifle with a large number of bullets fired, which is a guarantee of success. They burn the car and they leave the rifle in it - that is their signature. 

It is suspected that Skaljar clan is behind the murder of Aleksandar Stankovic known as Sale Mutavi, one of the leaders of Partizan supporters, which happened in October last year. The way it was carried out reminds of them.

Foto: Uprava policije Crne Gore

It is thought that they were created as a product of state services, they are attributed with more than 20 murders from the nineties that were never solved and they have the best connections with south-American drug dealers. 

They have connections with the people from the world of business, politics, and police.

Skaljar clan together with Kavacki clan formed a mafia clan. 

Foto: Uprava policije Crne Gore

The war of the two strongest criminal Montenegro clans, "Kavacki" and "Skaljar", took 24 lives in the last three years. The police are checking if there are more liquidations in Montenegro, but also in the countries in the region, as the consequences of the conflict between criminal groups from Kotor. Besides Montenegro, those clans performed liquidations of the rivals in Serbia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to the conflict and threats in the underworld, many members of organized criminal groups in Bar, Budva, Kotor, and Podgorica purchased armored cars.

It is suspected that the disappearance of 300 kilograms of cocaine from the late Radoman's apartment in Valencia in 2014 caused war and division into two Montenegrin criminal clans.

Take a look at Pentagon while it was constructed HERE.


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