Vasilije (17) united Serbs and Croats in Vukovar: His father has the most beautiful message for all of us (PHOTO)

Around 3.000 people were present on the football field

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Vasilije Sentivanac (17) a boy of Serbian origin who managed to unite two rival football clubs in Vukovar, "Croatian" HNK Vukovar '91 and "Serbian" NK Vuteks Sloga, but also two warring nations living in the city of bilingual street names, political party quarrels, numerous protests...

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The desire to help this young young man, who is suffering from acute leukemia, was greater than all national fights, war past and sharp politician rhetoric, so the representatives of both clubs, friends from school and numerous citizens managed to gather in great numbers on the humanitarian tournament "For Vasa".

Vasilije's father Veljko said for Telegraf that around 3.000 people were present on the football field.

- The idea came from the football school, because his team players wanted to play for Vasa. However, the entire action grew into something much bigger, and now everybody in Croatia and Serbia know about him.

We really live without a problem in Vukovar, everybody knows about us, but this beautiful gesture confirmed the story that little people like us watch their own business, we hang out and we help each other, we are not interested in politics. 

Vasilije was very pleased, his heart was huge when he saw so many people think about him and support him on the way to become healthy - said the boy's father Veljko.

He added that Vasa is feeling better now, he is in a hospital in Zagreb, where the treatment procedure is taking place.

- Tumor stations in blood receded, good team of doctors is besides him and we hope that we will leave everything bad soon behind us. 

- It is estimated that the therapy will last until May-Jun next year, and until then, my son won't go to school, but he will make it up later. His health is the most important, we will take care of the other thinks with ease! - explained this Serbian and added that there is no need to gather more funds for treatment at the moment.

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