The exhibition of war photographs "Lessons from '91" at the Museum of Yugoslav History

Even the photographers, when they return to their war photographs, are again surviving their own nightmares of war

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The exhibition of war photographs "Lessons from '91" by curator Dr. Sandra Vitaljic will be opened on Tuesday, February 28 at the Museum of Yugoslav History. The exhibition in Belgrade is organized by Photo Association of Serbia in cooperation with the Museum of Yugoslav History.  

Friend Alija, thank you to the heavens: Muslim saved Serb who lost both eyes in war, these are his words 25 years later (VIDEO)

It is part of a larger project of organization Association of European consciousness from Maribor, whose partners are Photo club Maribor, international photography festival Organ vida and Photo Association of Serbia.

The project is supported by EU fund for the citizens of Europe. Before Belgrade, the exhibition was shown in Zagreb and Maribor, and it will be opened in Belgrade until 26 March 2017.

The exhibition "Lessons from '91." for the first time brought together photographers from all over the region in this volume and several international photographers to present the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Foto: Profimedia/Corbis Foto: Profimedia/Corbis

Without pretending to be a universal historical view or to offer answers to the unanswered questions, the exhibition presents a view of war photographer on the reality that we have recorded visiting the battlefields of Slovenia through Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia

These photos had an important role during the war, when public opinion was formed in each of the warring countries, but also in the international community. Today they are even more important as the foundations of collective memory.

Domestic photographers, as opposed to foreign professionals, were able to record war usually only on one side, their side, and in this situation it is very difficult to exclude personal emotions and a sense of belonging. Although all photographers point out that they did the job professionally and objectively, the media often contextualized photographs on current political needs.

Foto: Tanjug/Rade Prelić Foto: Tanjug/Rade Prelić

This exhibition shows the photographs taken on all sides. All these photos still carry a strong emotional charge and photographers themselves, when they return to their war photographs, are again surviving their own nightmares of war.

Authors of the photographs were, among others, Darko Bandic, Nina Berman, Matko Biljak, Renato Brandjolica, Davor Visnjic, Bozidar Vukicevic, Zijah Gafic, Zeljko Gasparovic, Tom Dubravec, Amel Emric, Dragoljub Zamurovic, Romeo Ibrisevic, Srdjan Ilic.

( / Tanjug)

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