Kurti: "Maybe someone in Brussels got scared after Vucic said he'd withdraw from the dialogue"

New unreal photo of storm in Serbia: Sky red as fire, lightning cuts it, but not a drop of rain falls

Stano: Kosovo has the right to abolish KM license plates, but gradually

This is what fight to rescue boy was like under Branko's Bridge: He jumped in the river, 2 boats waited below

Abazovic meets with US Ambassador Hill in Belgrade

Horror in Belgrade: A boy (16) jumps from Branko's Bridge

Do these numbers show that we are in for fresh chaos? More than 900 new daily Covid cases in Serbia, one death

Serbia's export grows by 30%, Germany remains our main partner

Patriarch Porfirije: Montenegro and Serbian Orthodox Church agree on Fundamental Agreement

Strange snake filmed in Montenegro: "It appears before earthquakes, one just shook Bosnia"

Parliamentary elections repeated in Veliki Trnovac for the fifth time, polling station opens on time

Image of Montenegrin flag displayed on Belgrade Tower

In Nikolje monastery, vigil lamp burns for centuries: People believe a special pine tree protects the shrine

Vucic: Pristina is preparing attack on northern Kosovo by October 1

Vucic: "We also have a fifth country that has withdrawn its recognition of Kosovo"

Strong earthquake hits Bosnia and Herzegovina, tremors felt in the entire region

Rakic meets with Lajcak: Pristina's obligation is to form Community of Serb Municipalities as soon as possible

"If a referendum was held tomorrow, 51% of Serbians would vote against, and 34% in favor of joining the EU"

Ivan's parents heard their son was found dead in a barrel from neighbors: Another of their children was killed

Brnabic: 492 Fiat workers to receive their severance pay today

"It's not true we failed to solve anything, Nedimovic showed up in a suit"

Sapic officially takes over as new mayor of Belgrade from Radojicic

Abazovic arrives on first official visit to Belgrade, is welcomed by PM in front of Palace of Serbia

The Veliko Vrelo spring is the gem of Resava: From powering watermills to being a natural monument

Mystery of the body found in a barrel in the basement of a house near Leskovac: He was last seen 3 years ago

Vucic: Vidovdan, our Golgotha and resurrection. For centuries they ask if we're celebrating victory or defeat

Queues forming again in front of Covid clinics: This is how it's been in Belgrade's Palilula in recent days

Najnovije vesti

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